Election: Tim Hein standing for re-election in The Park Ward, Mitcham

I ride with the THOP guys, and am a big supporter of cycling.

I have been the Elected Councillor for The Park Ward in Mitcham Council for the past 2 years, and am standing again in the current election.

In that time, I've fought for and won a new Blackwood Masterplan.

I'll continue to fight to ensure Glenalta, Hawthorndene, Belair and surrounding suburbs are not forgotten by Mitcham Council, and to ensure that the Blackwood and Belair townships receive much-needed improvements to services and infrastructure.

I'll also work to protect the Mitcham Hills from bushfire risk, reduce council rates, revitalise Blackwood, and protect our environment and open spaces.

I'm a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. I have the skills and background to get the best from Council for the Mitcham Hills.

Do watch out for the postal ballot on Monday 20th October, and consider me with your vote!

Or drop me an email with any questions: tim.hein@flinders.edu.au


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Yes that is council land and where I propose they allow bikes (currently walking only). The proposed land acquisition was further up the road (opposite centre way) and was designed to link to a more direct trail. It eliminated a steep narrow section of road at the base of Burnell.


"Leading" in council is slow, consultative and technical. Administration, and many Councilors, would love to find a feasible way to connect the hills, through Belair, to the plains with a sealed pathway. However (unlike Unley) we have steep terrain. When paths with a 15% gradient have been suggested for consultation, it has been widely rejected by cyclists. (To give you an idea New Belair Road is 9% at its worst). To get to the bottom of Burnell will require sections of 27% and 23% gradient. To create switch-back paths, will require around 30 switchbacks, just too much (impacting the area too greatly, and making the climb about 9 times longer). 

I share your passion, and continue to provoke Administration, who are actively seeking alternative solutions.


Tim, I am not asking for a sealed path. I am just asking my local rep how we can get a small section of walking only trail converted to cycling trail? Nothing more, nothing less.

For the record I contacted all Councillors, I have the email support from 2, spoke to a third on the phone and am planning a meeting with a fourth. You were my local rep so thought it would be best to advance with you. I did also email you and the chief trails officer (who is currently on leave) at the time.

Tim, we're talking about dirt trails that already exist and are only asking that one section designated "walkers only" be re-designated to allow cyclists, and that the unfriendly gate at the bottom of Burnell Drive be removed.

Bump. I'd really like to hear a reply to this very modest request of Rob and Ruddager.

Another Councillor from another ward is actually raising a motion at this weeks council meeting. She rang me to discuss after the initial contact I made with Councillors and listened to what I had to say. Tim, can I assume to will be supporting it?

Just an update, Tim came through and supported the motion, thanks for coming through and taking this on board, I appreciate your support and listening. I am extremely disappointed to say the motion did not pass. Another Councillor who I discussed this in person with and had indicated they would be seconding the motion actually voted against it...I am yet to clarify their reasons but I am obviously very frustrated considering their vote was the difference between it succeeding and failing. Notes of minutes:

Cr Hockley
That Council investigates ways to provide improved access for cyclists to Randell Reserve from its southern and eastern boundaries and that a report be brought to council detailing those options and making recommendations.
Cr Hein
For the motion
Fisher, Todd, Hein, Taeuber, Hockley
Against the motion
Crs Economos
, Sanderson,
Munro, Bange, Tilley,

Hi Tim,

Just thought I'd post to express my concern about the plans for Blackwood roundabout.  It's pretty unpleasant for cycling now, and a major division for pedestrians, but the "improvements" will make it worse.  The larger size and wide lanes will increase traffic speeds, making crossing on foot harder.  Cycling will become all but impossible for all but a hardy few.

I hope you can bring whatever influence you have to push for a re-think.


Thanks Paul, 

The roundabout is a DPTI project, and they ran the consultation, which has now concluded. 

Further info will appear, but this is the latest: https://infrastructure.sa.gov.au/road_projects/blackwood_roundabout...


Can we please put "consultation" in the appropriate scare quotes?  DPTI seem to be very bad at doing anything for cycling outside specific cycling projects these days...


See my reply to Wayne below. 


Tim, perception?! You might as well wrote "I don't care". My perception of politicians and bureaucrats who shift blame usually do so for that reason; I don't care (to make an effort). Isn't part of local council's role to advocate for your constituency? If local government rolls over and cries "it's a such and such's project" then what is the purpose of local politicians; might as well amalgamate and get rid of the burden. Just giving you my (jaded) perception.


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