Pleased to report that when I forgot to apply the straps holding the wheels to the rack that despite the front wheel rotating 180 degrees the arm attached to the downtube saved the day keeping the bike on the roof with no harm to bike or car paint.  We had driven a half hour on hills road till at 100kph there was a noise heard & saw front wheel hanging on side of car.  I recreated it in this picture but the wheel had not come down quite as far as illustrated.  A good product as its about 3 years old and never failed to perform (even if its the first time I forgot to check, (I thought my wife was going to do that side!)

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They are great racks. I didn't hesitate a few months ago when in invested in a pair. I was only talking to someone yesterday the the Pie Ride about how good they are.

When I went to Clare over Anzac Day someone tried to get my bike off the roof and due to the locks and security gave up.

You pay a little bit more but it's worth it.

Unrelated but at least remotely in the ball park. Someone tried to steal my roof racks. Did $150 damage to the racks and I haven't had the roof checked yet.

I have a Thule pack-away tow ball mounted rack, and its done a great job for the past 4 years, carrying two mountain bikes as far as Perth, numerous trips to Melbourne, York Peninsula, and at least once  a week in normal circumstances. It wasn't expensive (about $130) and packs down to a compact size for keeping in the boot. Thule appears to make good products ( pronounced "tool ay" if I remember correctly). Only issue with ours is that it can take some juggling with the various geometries of modern bike frames to get two on the rack, and you need an additional number plate.


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