I recently bought a THULE raceway 2-bike carrier for my Cruze. today I had reason to put both of my bikes on it and discovered I need more of the rubber bike straps(it only comes with 6 straps I'd like at least 2 more) ...is there a place online or a brick & mortar shop here in ADL that sells them? I've only been able to find a place in California and wanted to try a local place if possible.

Help me Obi-wan Kenobi:)
they look like this:

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Speaking to the Thule Rep at the TDU Expo he mentioned that ARB are a good place to go and look at the products and given that ARB own Thule, would think they should be able to get them for you easily enough. ARB

Brilliant. There's an ARB on my drive home from work I'll give them a call tomorrow:) cheers! muchas gracias amigo.

I bought all my Thule racks and accessories at Roof Rack World / Sunroof City on Main North Rd at Blair Athol.

Thank you all for the replies, I didn’t expect such a quick bunch of answers.
I'll give roofrack world a call this morning.

Great option Chris, just picked up 2 straps for $6:) Muchos gracias amigo.

Roof rack city on Gilbert street should have what your after



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