I know we need them, for now, but imagine if we didn't?


Credit to Treehugger http://goo.gl/SB2kR for the graphic below:

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Nothing wrong with cars, simply a tool for a use. The problem therein is of course many people are lazy and use said tool when they don't really need to.

As noted above - most trips are 5Km or less, more needs to be done to make such trips more attractive and practical to the average person.

The rising cost of fuel will no doubt make bicycle use more appealing - $1.54c per litre today in my area. It probably won't get better into the future. Have yet to look into the costs associated with charging an all electric vehicle... Hydrogen? that's a good idea, not yet really feasible, or so it seems - problems with the fuel tank last time I looked.

Also apparently hydrogen uses more energy to be created than it delivers. Viable if we can use renewable energy to create it but I think it is still a long way off.

I quite like this approach:


$1.54 per litre is on the current exchange rate. What happens when the $AUS returns to its historical norm?

I like Doddsy's suggestion that off road costs, like registration, should be lower, but on road costs should be higher. This shift in costs would be a constant reinforcement of the expense of driving, and could have a significant impact on driving behaviour (or just a lot of whining and demands for government to do something).

Not long ago the Australian bureau of statistics reported that 52% of all Australian Motor vehicle Journeys are less than 5 kilometres. 

Its safe to say that if we are going to do more than pretend we are serious about reducing congestion and increasing road safety: We should aim to half that number at least.

That being said I still need my car, but i'd prefer if the off road costs of owning it and keeping it registered were cheaper and the actual on road costs of driving it (around a congested cbd) were more. 

When i wasn't using my old van for work i figured out that it cost me about $40 every time i decided to drive it. That was with free on street parking. I loved that thing, before somebody pinched it. 

Did anyone see Sydney's traffic report yesterday? Unfortunately there was no mention of the idiots who should be leaving their car at home. Couldn't be bothered looking for the report that claimed traffic was banked up for almost 10k's in certain places. 

Cool, what about having balanced modal sharing targets?  


Cities with a population of more than 1 Million...

We're as bad as the US :-(

+1 and right behind them in obesity levels

Except for LA where the figures in the table don't add up (93% total).

segways and man blading is popular over there. 

What if  ...  there was a realistic price for petrol.  Value could be based on when that resource can be regenerated, not just the cost of supplying it now plus profit margins.  So multiply current cost by the years taken to replace fuel used.


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