Photos of koala drinking from water bottles
Photos by Anna Heusler
Published by 7News on 27-Dec-2019
Early this morning a group of cyclists were descending Norton Summit Rd towards Adelaide, when they stopped to relocate a koala sitting in the road. The koala was very eager for water from their bottles.

P.S. Maybe take extra water on your early morning ride in the hills.

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Koala drinks from water bottle amid bushfires
Posted by BBC on 24-Dec-2019
The animal drank from a bottle before running back into an area of unburnt scrub near Cudlee Creek in SA.

A CFS firefighter stands next to a koala close to the fire front during the height of the crisis.
From facebook of Eden Hills CFS. Reposted by ABC on 23-Dec-2019

Met a thirsty, heat stressed koala in Belair last weekend, dribbled some water down its nose and got grumbled at. They're not all out looking for human help.

The couple who found it and were worried about it hadn't thought to carry a water bottle with them. The ranger was notified.

Jilden, good point about approaching koalas and wild animals cautiously.

Important wilflife rescue info


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