The upcoming election and committment to cycling infrastructure (or lackthereof)

In the 2013 election, the Liberal government in WA promised to spend an additional $30 million on cycling infrastructure.

The WA greens were/are the only political party to actually put together a serious vision towards building cycling infrastructure and moving away from car-dependent transportation system.

I would like to see something similar in SA, even if it is just to push the idea forward and stimulate discussion.

Meanwhile during the upcoming election, we get... No serious commitment at all by either major party.

Recently Bike SA made a modest proposal to lower speed limits on key cycling roads to 40kph, which was met with... crickets. Along with suggestions of other key infrastructure improvements that were also met with evasive language.

PS read the comments to the above article at your own risk.

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Funny how that works isn't it!

You might be interested in:-


Which sends one to this link provided earlier on AC.
The party does not have any SA candidates.


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