This is for bicycle users, road users and pedestrians who use the streets/roads/footpaths in Firle, St Morris and Trinity Gardens.

The Messenger has picked up on the discussion I started a couple of weeks ago regarding Gage St.

They interviewed me yesterday and took a photo, the story will probably appear in next week's East Torrens Messenger and maybe the Eastern Courier too.

If anyone would like to make any comments about cycling/walking/driving in this area, this would be a great opportunity to do so.

Please leave your comments below! I imagine a few people will be reading them once the Messenger story is published.



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My grandparents lived on Shakespeare Ave, near The Gums, amidst other streets named after poets. I lived in Rostrevor, and rode there and back quite often as a kid. What else would you like to know? :-)
Anything that you think is of interest in regard to bicycle use in these areas, particularly from a safety and convenience point of view.

With my NPSP Councillor hat on, I am specifically interested in the suburbs of Firle, St Morris and Trinity Gardens, but with my BISA Secretary hat on, I am interested in any street/road/path in South Australia!
As before, the "mini" linear park that follows Third Creek is great to cycle along.

I start near Uni SA Magill Campus and run along that creek line to right by the Torrens River.

I often ride my MtBike and UniSA campus is where I join the creek. After that there is a section from Lorne Ave to Colton Ave that might be suitable for inclusion of a shared bike/pedestrian track. Bottom of Colton sees the start of The Gums and one is quickly on and through Kmart Firle. Just west of KMart is Hampden St which sees the start of the Third Ck paths down to Gage St - very nice!

After that Third Creek is in an open concrete channel. Frankly looks poor infrastructure in heavy flood conditions with many properties abutting its banks.

Nonetheless, a nice corridor for access to Marden, Joslin, Walkerville and beyond from the general top of Magill Rd area, and visa-versa of course!
Hi Gage St users. The East Torrens Messenger interviewed me about Gage St and what could be done to make it better... better like a real bicycle boulevard.

Should be in this weeks paper and a bit on encouraging bike use to the Parade as well.


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