It's only taken several deaths for this to happen.  How many more before it is done properly?

Safety Improvements?

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"With the green head start boxes and painting the green pavement markings at the signalled intersections it gives a good visual cue to drivers and motorists and others on the road there to keep their eye out for cyclists on the road," Mr Maguire said.

How does that help with doorings ?  A lifetime ago I used to get the tram from Bell Street down Sydney Road to University High.  If it still has trams, parked cars, cars and bikes there isn't a lot of spare room.

In 5 years 138 crashes involving pedestrians and cyclists, with 24 serious injuries and 2 deaths. Upgrade of road design is overdue.

Will help if:
-- speed limit is reduced to 40 km/h (article states speed reduction but not defined)
-- ALL car parking is removed (article states removal of car parks but not quantified)
-- proper bike lanes installed (article refers to improved bike lanes at intersections only)
-- the whole street traffic calmed (article states from Barkly Street to Albion Street)

Will authorities still pander to vehicles and convenience of drivers, rather than road safety and vulnerable road users?


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