So I had a car take out my rear wheel yesterday, I performed at least one marvelous cartwheel, slid a couple of metres down the road and swore really quite loudly in front of children (oops).

I had a terribly exciting ride in an ambulance and spent the hours 9-1 in a hospital. A couple of stitches and a crap load of bandages later they sent me home. 

Isabella, my much loved and obsessed over Pinarello, in in a couple of pieces.

So what have I taken from this. 

1) The brand new cygolite 250 apparently bestows the power of invisibility to me.

2) After the initial "oh for f's sake" period wore off I felt really sorry for the driver who seemed really shaken.

3) I'm a little annoyed at myself for feeling sorry for someone that ran me over.

4) SAPOLs representative was awesome, even looking after my bike for me, and dropping it off to the hospital a couple of hours later, I've written to the Commissioner commending him.

5) The cyclist who helped me was awesome - thanks mate!

6) The car driver who's children i swore in front of as she tried to help me was awesome - thanks and sorry I swore so much (but it really, really hurt).

7) It could have been much worse, my helmet has a mighty crack in the foam.

8) There will be a another Amy's next year.

9) Hug your kids and your significant other right now, you never know what's going to happen.

10) My bike, my beautiful bike!

There wasn't going to be an 11, but 11) blood stained lycra looks awesome, but it's not a fashion tip I'd advise.

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Glad you are still here this side of heaven David. Yes been through those 10 points to remember a few times. Hope you can get back riding very soon....but when you get back you become hyper vigulent for the trouble ahead. allow yourself time to get back the confidence that you need to ride the road once more.

David, I am glad to hear you are ok.  I had a similar dance with a Toyota van in 2010, the insurance claim is still rolling along.  I wish you well in getting back on the saddle.

Thanks, don't tell me that about the insurance!

Get well soon mate!

Glad you are (more or less) OK. Sorry for the pinny too - I hear they are alright bikes :)

I've had a similar dance before. Hope you are back on the road soon, and take extra care.

Sorry to bring back memories but could not help myself does Isabella look much like this?

Reading your post it is good that you are keeping your sense of humour



She was slightly less impressive.

David, good to hear you came out alive, its never a sure thing when the "metal meets the meat!"

Now tomorrow when you get up feeling stiff & sore have someone take pics of your injuries and maintain your records.

Seek out some legal advice, you might be feeling relatively okay now, but injuries might take some time to become apparent.

It's good to hear another helmet earnt its keep too!!

The hospital made some pretty good records i'm sure i can access.

I just want a bike up and running.

I am not sure that she will ever be in one piece again.

Don't risk repairs mate, there could be internal structural problems you are unaware of, until you are doing 60kph down hill and hit a small object which causes the internal fracture to let go, and then, so will you.  Get a new bike mate.

The guys at the shop are hooking her up to a device to look for weaknesses, they weren't confident.


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