THE LINES WERE BLURRED >>> Gawler Wheelers Group Ride Report: Saturday June 15th 2013

1.Gawler Wheelers-ROUTE52-Gawler-SOB-Craigmore-Uley-Cornishmans-Uleybury-Gawler-BEGINNER HILLS

GW Route52 Map

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GW Route72 Map

No. of Riders : 43



There was a lot of discussion amongst GW members this week as to which GW ride to do today. The lines were a little blurred as to whether the HILLs ride was actually harder than the concurrent BEGINNERS HILLs ride? 43 riders joined us this morning and it was not until the last minute that some made the decision as to which ride to go on.

Both rides had a common initial leg down the Stuart O’Grady BikeWay….and man was it cold on that leg! It was half an hour into the ride before we started to thaw out as the sun came into play. At Curtis Road the group split into two. 27 riders headed off on the Beginners Hills ride which took us up Uley road , down and up Cornishman’s Hill prior to the final leg back to home base.

The other 16 HILLs riders had continued all the way down the SOB. From there they cut across to tackle Black Top Road, headed on to One Tree Hill and then also delighted in tackling Cornishman’s Hill before the fast leg back to Café Farina’s.

Throughout both incident-free rides the wind was no-where to be seen and the weather remained fine. Both rides “just flowed” beautifully and back at Farina’s the talk was all about how wonderful it is to be riding on days like this!

Thank you to all who rode with Gawler Wheelers this morning. We always love your company on our rides……but especially so on days like this one.

NEXT WEEK: We will be holding one sensational FLAT ride. Details will be posted on AC Events and YOU are welcome to join us.

Prior to today’s photo gallery and all of the riders’ comments that will follow re their individual GW ride experience please enjoy:

“BLURRED LINES” – Robin Thicke


The GW crowd starts to gather just after 7.00

Arriving at Curtis Road

David had a knee reconstruction just 3 months ago and it was great to have him back riding with us today.

Colin and Chris on the HILLs group ride

Gareth on the HILLs ride

That is not a good look Terry

Michael and Juz doing well on the HILLs ride

Riders in the distance about to start the Cornishman’s ascent

Juz deep in thought?

Derick doing well on the Cornishman’s ascent

Goggles up to his usual tricks

Paul and Shayne on Cornishman’s Hill

Peter, Peter & Craig at the top of Williams Rd

Carl thought it would be easier to run up Cornishman’s

You may have seen a discussion on AC posted by Warren re the article in the Bunyip about his son(and GW member) Scott. This is Scott at 1.30pm today racing at Williamstown. (Thanks for the photo Tina).


Finally friends, I know that you will agree with me when I say that we are truly blessed to have GW riding days like this in June. Please enjoy:

“DAYs LIKE THIS” – Van Morrison

Gawler Wheelers is all about comradeship, fun, fitness and chasing our dreams. Join the GW group on AC. Come on our rides. Contact details below. Until next week >> Cheers for now...Frank.

Gawwler Wheelers Contact

Gawler Wheelers: Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year 2013

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Great ride report and looks like I missed another top ride. I missed this due to bing on a business trip in Tasmania at the moment. Had a bit of time to look around though and found a great ride for the hill climbers, a 15km 1300 metre climb to the top of Mt Wellington right next to Hobart (I understand it is actually 21km all up hill if you left from the city). The last km at the top had the roads an inch thick of ice and snow and at the summit the wind was blowing light snow horizontal, geez that was cold. Not sure i could imagine riding a bike in these conditions though brrrrrr, but have put this on the bucket list for climbing.

Unfortunately will miss next weeks ride due to work commitments as well so see you guys in a couple of weeks.

Thanks Kev! Stay safe in Tassie!


Hi all. The next Gawler Wheelers Group Ride (June 22nd) has now been posted. Full details including maps are available via the link below.

It is a 69km FLAT ride. All welcome....should be another great GW morning




(This is where we are going)


Fantastic.. flying fox and pirate ship here we come :p

I won't be able to join next weekend. I love the fact that riding with GW takes me to places that I would not ride on my own, so disappointed to miss another new bit. See you all in a couple of weeks.

Good luck for today, give it your best shot but more importantly enjoy it.

Potts Rd was just full of POT Holes...MAJOR HOLES buggas...

Hi Smiley,

I heard that you did well yesterday ie racing? How did you go?


Sorry I missed the last 2 rides but not sorry I missed the cold! was a balmy 28 degrees in Cairns and I got out for 3 rides on the hotels hire bikes (have attached the photo to prove it) Crappy bike but still fun, proudly wore the GW jersey :-)

See you next week if I can brave the cold!

Nice Retro bike Elaine, are you going to ride it on Saturday?

Might bring my old bike out.

Thanks for the update Elaine!!! Nice to see you wearing the GW jersey!


Stayed off the bike all week to give my leg a rest after last week's problems.  Seems to have done the trick but feels like it needs a little more recovery time. Decided to give Uley Rd a charge to test the leg and it was only about half way up that my leg started to talk to me (but not nearly as much as Paul did!).  Not feeling too bad at the top of Uley Rd, but decided that the extra strain of Cornishman's may be just too much for the leg on the day, so walked down Cornishman's to encourage those who were struggling.  A pity about the potholes on Potts Rd (should that be Pottholes Rd?) - made that descent a lot slower than usual..........Very, very happy with the improvement in my leg so far - can't wait for more hills !


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