Just a quick warning for those passing the infamous King William Road Puddle. Last month I witnessed ( on 2 separate occasions) cars steering wide on the corner so they could splash Pedestrians who were walking on the path.

If you're riding around that area just be aware of what cars are coming before you get close to the puddle.

For those that are unfamiliar with "the Puddle" the council have tried for many years to stop water pooling here after rain but are unable to solved the problem with today's engineering standards, so water stays here for 3-5 days after rain.

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Thanks. Could you give more info on the location? East or west side of road? North or south of the City? Which suburb?

That'll be the Glenelg tramline in the background so the west side of KW road just south of Greenhill rd where the Mike Turtur bikeway emerges from the bushes.

I understand purposely splashing water like that onto pedestrians is illegal.

I also remember a truck driver in Sydney a while back who did just that to a group of cyclists, posted to social media and got busted.

I remember that video, but sadly I use a camera on my commute bike so didn't film this.

The first time I saw someone a car steering wide I thought it might have been accidentally (maybe) but the second time I was approaching from the front and could clearly see the driver checking his rear view mirror with a contented smile on his face.

I've just found out KW Road is about to get upgraded. Seems like a good time to raise this, but with who?

King William road closed for five weeks in winter for $15m upgrade ...

3 days ago - Unley Council’s $15.5m upgrade of King William Road will see the major thoroughfare closed for a minimum of five weeks through winter causing inevitable headaches for commuters. ... 

Yes they are upgrading but only in the Shopping precinct.

 by the photo theres no bike lanes but it looks like the whole road will be a Sharrow. (small cheer)

How about the Mike Turter bikeway , is that a part of the upgrade ?  It's a disgrace , and somewhat dangerous . 

There is also drainage work to the north of the puddle, but no fix for the puddle.
City South Tram Line Replacement on King William St, between South Tce and Victoria Sq
Night works are being conducted by the DPTI.
Speed and lane restrictions will be in place in the vicinity of the drainage installation works, however, the road will remain open to traffic at all times. Public transport will not be affected.


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