The Chris Froome Ventoux incident really bums me out

The sight of Chris Froome running up the Ventoux was initially funny. Then it wasn't. It was just another ridiculous moment for a sport with an unfortunate habit of being ridiculous.

So I wrote it all down in an opinion piece: Tired and sad. My reaction to Chris Froome running up Ventoux

I get the feeling a lot of other long suffering cycling fans had a similar reaction. I can just imagine the Adelaide media and public if Froome lines up at the TDU next year... ugh...

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I think it was made more awkward when he dropped his broken bike and ran without it lol

Picture the Rio Olympics, fans running along side of the 100m sprinter, the marathon runner, the hurdler, or jumping in the pool with the swimmers. Even sillier, getting in their car and driving on the race track along side driver X at the Monaco Grand Prix. In each of these examples laughable yet pro cyclists navigate amongst knobs and its "part of the sport, always has been". Can't be right when spectators dictate the health of sports people and the result of the race.

I've used the same analogy explaining to people who don't watch cycling. There are people allowed on the playing field. It doesn't have to be dangerous but people make it dangerous.

James, I think that this is a case of jumping the gun. The whole incident probably would not have happened, had the barriers been moved down with the change in the position of the finish line, yet you have not mentioned the place of the TdF officials in all of this. Froome was probably so unnerved by the whole thing, all he could think of was getting to the line. It is almost impossible to imagine his thoughts at the time. 

In the end, the judges decision was the correct one.

Yes, the judgement was the best outcome from a bad situation. I understand that there were unusual circumstances yesterday but I also could see a similar situation on any major mountain finish. Think about every ascent up Ventoux.

On the flipside next time someone tells me it is too hard to walk in road shoes im going to play this clip!

Triathletes everywhere can finally get away with one pair of shoes.

I detest watching the Alp du Huez stage for the same reason.

It might make for great television but its unsafe and ridiculous.


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