Hi Everyone, 

My name's Celine, and I've been living in Adelaide for about 4 years. 

I found it really interesting in South Australia how everyone is obsessed by cycling events, like the Tour Down Under, BUPA, Amy's Ride SA and I've noticed that a lot of rides tend to cater for "cyclists", and often doesn't cater to the less sporty crowd. 

Back in Belgium, we don't really call ourselves cyclists, just people that ride bikes - so I've decided to create my own event which aims to get people that perhaps wouldn't normally take part in mass cycling event, and get them to give it a go. My baby is called The Bohemian Bicycle Club - and it's a one day festival where you get to around to "hidden" venues around the CBD and experience music, food & dance. Sort of similar to the treadly Boucle De Burbs, but a little different. I'm hoping it will become a bit of a regular event. 

In any case, I'm currently planning the route - and I was wondering if any of Adelaide's cycling community might have some advice on which roads in the city I should definitely avoid... any help or comments would be great - or any feedback in general on the whole concept of the event. 

Oh - and before I forget - you can find out more about the whole event here: www.bohemianbicycleclub.com.au

Thanks for your time everyone. 



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Wow! What a great idea - sounds like fun!

Roads to avoid - Frome St between North Tce and Pirie St is pretty narrow. I don't really like Pirie St, it is a car dooring zone, unfortunately not the only one.

The Park Lands allow some lovely paths to cruise along and there are a few roads into the city that are more cyclist friendly - Frome Bikeway, Sturt St, back streets west of Morphett St, etc.

Thanks Ross - yes - it's a real pity Frome Street isn't finished. I couldn't help but laugh when there was such a huge fuss over just 1 bike lane. 

I'll definitely try and incorporate parklands into the ride - great idea. 

Just a suggestion, don't use any route that turns across the tram lines, you will have people fall off. When I lead any rides around the city I always cross them in straight lines.

As for parklands paths, they are excellent except when your favourite path is blocked off for months on end without any pleasant alternatives.

Finally if you want to talk to cyclists who aren't sports obsessed, try the South Australian Recreational Cyclists at sarcc.wordpress.com, we have rides all over the place and social evening meetings in the CBD.

Hi Jilden - thanks for the tips. I'll definitely follow up with the SARC and see what they have to say. 

you should checkout the new premises for Urban Cow. http://www.urbancow.com.au/

great music, art and their new location ( opening June) is down the side of the Exteter which has plently of room to get on and off the bikes and store them.

heres a unique way of getting there with little traffic - just walk across the ped crossing at north terrace. ps great to stop and checkout the huge bat colony on the way.

Nice - thanks for that. 

p.s. love the bats on the map

lol  yes sorry i had to put it on there.

I noticed an article in the Adelaide Review on the Bohemian Bicycle Club.  It sounds like a great initiative.  

Why do you post it with all the info as an event on Adelaide Cyclists?  New posts go to a big twitter following.


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