I'm usually not a big fan of EU but this publication is truly inspiriring and shows how, what, why etc. Europe is so rapidly (re)adopting the bicycle.

Combined with this blog post, which has a somewhat more strategic and commercial perspective on 'liveable' cities (which bicycles obviously is a huge contributor to) it is clear that that the advantages of promoting bicycles goes beyond the immidiate benefits (health, congestion, environment etc.)


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I did not download the publication as IE initially blocked downloading from the site. I don't know why and am not inclined to go and find out :-(

That's because Microsoft and Steve Balmer are part of the petro-dollar complex and do everything in their power to perpetuate the evil cartel and try and prevent the uptake of commuter cycling. Also since the EU antitrust judgement, an enraged Balmer (he threw a chair) demanded that the homesite of the European Union was blocked. Actually there is one other little thing. IE is broken junk - Chrome, Firefox, and any other standards compliant browser are much better choices. No one should ever use IE unless they are forced to by a BOFH.


IE = insiduous evil. Only browser that demands its own stylesheet just to get it to perform nearly as well as the rest.

Good reading. Maybe it should be emailed to every pollie in the state. Follow up with a questionaire 2 weeks later, see if they learnt anything…

One thing I couldn't find, was any reference to alternatives for disabled people, apart from public transport. If everyone able to ride did so, public transport would be used only by the very young (with their carers), the very old, and anyone with a disability. And these people would only have access to the services and shopping the public transport routes allowed. So, there has to be allowance for private transport (car) access to all areas for these people. Just a comment.

Good idea. I just realised the publication is from 1999! but is still valid. Being a bit cheeky I would think that the thoughts and visions in EU back then probably matches where Australia today would like to see themselves in 15 years. Cities like London, Paris, Barcelona has certainly come a long way since then.

We can just wait and see. Perhaps we will have a few 'dedicated bikelanes' in Burnside council by then. ''funding would be staggered" If is wasn't so tragic it would actually be funny. #itisstaggering


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