My son has an addiction! He likes collecting old bicycles. He has acquired a bicycle described as The Ace Cycle Works , who may have been CJ Ryles at 281 Torrens Road West Croydon . We would appreciate any information you have about this company. On a 1962 calendar he described the business as Cycle Enamellers-repair and accessories, as well as selling Yates seeds, garden tools and fertilizers!!!!

Stephen and Hugh

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Charlie Ryles ran his shop on Torrens Rd for many years. He manufactured many high quality bikes and in the 1960's his bikes were used by many top cyclists including 1964 Olympian Bob Baird. His son Ray was also a very talented cycle enameller and one of the last able to do intricate scroll work now so sought after

Thanks for the quick reply , Hugh will appreciate it!!! Certainly it has nice scroll work that he pointed out to me.

Ray was my grandpa. If you have any other information about Charlie please do let me know!

I have now the custodianship of an Ace Special.

The story is at 

Another 'Ace Special'

Would be great to see a picture of it Stephen.
We will organise one this weekend!!!

Here is an album of image's I shot today of Hughies The ACE

Mario's summary of Ace Cycles is here

although we can bring the start date back a little earlier to at least 1929 from this article

many vintage enthusiasts regularly post at the BNA Retro forum and I would encourage a close reading of the threads there, and the starting of a new thread.

If it is the book mentioned in the notes to the sale has an Ace on p118 and it is Mario's.

was this the one? I hope it is coming home.



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