About 60km into yesterday's Velo Adelaide I was a shot duck. A number of events had compiled to make this ride a living hell. Sickness during the week, work, late for the start etc meant that as the Garmin ticked over I was on struggle street.
Then she appeared......
Wearing a blue and yellow jersey that said "this seat is taken" on the back she breezed by with a group of maybe 5 guys behind her. With my last bit of energy I got on the back and the next 30km were completed.
I stopped at a refreshment stop and they kept going.
Don't know who she was but if I see he again the coffee's on me!

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Funny you should say that, I broke a spoke at Woodside meaning even with releasing the rear brakes I had to ride the back half of the ride with some rubbing on the rear rim. By the time I got to the Glynde Hotel I was almost totally spent when same group came past me and let me wheel suck to the end. Hugely appreciated and I reckon she'll get another free coffee from me. Thank you. Cyclists really are a special bunch.
Who is this masked women??
It's the Velo Angel!
Brilliant! I like that.
Haha- Pink Panther I am not; nor can I claim the celestial status of a "VeloAngel" but thanks for the gorgeous shout out guys. I was having a great day.
Good on you Cat. Sounds like you saved many-a-life! Glad you had a good ride, see you on the road one day.
Think I saw you at the bollards today, but I didn't realise till you had passed. Saxobank kit?

Amazing. She gave me her spare inner tube after I had already used my own.

Was it the mysterious Miss Pink Panther who used to keep AC members amused with her words? We know she is a fast cyclist.

Did finish at that point, or did you go on to do the 110 kms?

I actually turned off at the big round a bout and went back through Crafers and home. I rode to the start and just didn't have 135 km in me on the day to make it to the end and then ride home.


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