Whilst out leisurely riding last Sunday along Military Road, Henley Beach I had the unfortunate meeting with a unknown car (failed to stop) and subsequent collision the road below...

I suppose shock was in order but I neglected to get the names of those cyclists who came to my aid and offered assistance - thanks heaps guys...

Thankfully no broken collarbones just a badly grazed & swollen left knee/ leg and hip

With luck, I'll be out riding again next week


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Very sorry to hear that Bill.    Did any of the other cyclists get a chance to get the car rego number?

You can report the prang to the police.  Failing to stop at the scene of an accident is a more serious offence than hitting you!   You can also report the collision to Allianz (the manager of the compulsory third party insurance scheme) so that the scheme can pay your medical bills, if any, for treatment of your injuries.

I hope your confidence is not shaken too badly, and that you'll be out riding again before too long...


Thanks Shane… On my slow crawl back home after the incident I did stop by a Police Station… they weren't overly interested since I had vague details on the car, etc.  Hopefully I'll be out riding again soon...
No wonder cyclists think about adding a video camera to their bike or helmet.

Im still very new the the cycling community but it always amazes me how cyclist help each other.  Definately something I like about cycling.


Hope your well Bill.

Unfortunately I'll won't be riding just yet… knee was damaged more than I thought… having surgery next week to reair meniscus


… sadly I'll have to wait a few more weeks yet… bugga

I am sorry to hear this Bill. I unfrotunately may be in the same position if my should doesnt get any better . I was doored a week before the Mutual Community a week and I still cant sleep on it. I was lucky though my driver cared about hit a cyclist and had insurance to repair my bike. Apparently you have up to 3 years to sort out any claims from injuries sustained. Good Luck and I hope you are back soon.

Sorry to hear that Bill, wish you a speedy recovery. Henley Beach is usually pretty good, I guess there are just so many of us along there on the weekends people are more aware, so thats really bad luck.


Bill, just in case you do not know, third party insurance company will cover cyclist injury costs, even when the offending driver can not be found. Sounds like the police did not want to take a report and give you a report number, that an insurance company would like. Try to remember details about the police officer if there was no report, and follow it up soon. Alternatively, you may be able to trace the helpful cyclists. You may like to seek an initial free appointment with a suitable lawyer to investigate your options. Would hate a cyclist to be disadvantaged by a hit-run driver.

Of course we hope you recover soon and not long before you are out riding again.


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