Wow that's amazing and awesome news in which I I've recently heard... Adelaide Cyclists is saved. Firstly i'd like to thank Gus Kingston for who if he never got this all running we'd never know what we we're Missing. Such a powerful and effective resource in South Australian cycling and national in some cases. God bless you Gus and enjoy watching from the sidelines as your baby forever continues to flourish with fervor. Secondly well done bicycle instute of SA for taking on a valuable cycling resource/community in which will most undoubtedly be grateful for your support and they obviously a great network for cycling research and development In South Australia. Way to go and I can't wait to see how the future pans out now. Good on ya Scott Simms new site Administrator. Cheer's and kind regards Mathew Parker formerly known as the cadence man. :)

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Thank you. It was all of your support that helped.

Read more in the news post below.

Thank you mate for creating this site!


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