The TDU is near and to try to keep things contained this post can serve as a place to post your thoughts on the race, riders, course, rides, viewing points and other activities of the week.


Post your spottos in and the most creative wins a Ride Adelaide cap.

So basically, spotto a pro or team, must be more than 1 km from the Hilton, and you write it up so it's really impressive, you go into a draw to win. Entries close Saturday 16. I have copied the rules from the 2014 TDU spotto (thanks Dan), see below.

Dan's Spotto rules

1. You can't claim sightings within 200m of the Hilton (this includes the Tour Village).

2. One point for naming the team, one extra point for every rider you can identify by sight (no going back to Google and checking photos later, but spotting their name on their bike/jersey is OK). You can't say saw 5 teams, you need to name them.

3. You can earn kudos for the same team/riders if you see them multiple times on the same day.

4. Kudos for a photo with Paul Sherwin and/or Phil Liggett.

5. Chapeaus for a photo with defending title holder.

6. Good on yas for every individual or group of rider(s) you can get your photograph with and post in this discussion. You need to be standing next to the rider(s) preferably with their permission. To comply with Australian Road Rules - NO PHOTOGRAPHS WHILE RIDING UNLESS THE PHOTOGRAPHER IS STATIONARY.

7. Kudo for any mystery riders that AREN’T listed on the official TDU start list (ie. you might see Quintana herding a pack of alpacas or Froomey chewing stem) or Mario Fondriest or Cipo.

10. If you are riding in a bunch then only one person (the first to post) can claim sightings.

10. Extra high-fives for photos.

11. Slaps on the back for recognising a cyclist out of team strip.

13. Professional photographers can submit photos, but they can't win.

14. People who know people within TDU organisation cannot seek the whereabouts of riders.

15. Organised events, signings, media segments do not count. It must be impromptu i.e walking around, chilling out, riding, not organised, etc. One (1) point will be issued for such a photo only.

16. Any other rules I make up to protect the integrity of the competition!

Have fun, but don't stalk or generally be a dick.

(Mark Gunter/AFP/Getty Images)


I'll kick other TDU things off with a few points.

Are you taking to the week off?

What stage is unmissable and where is the best place to view it?

The TDU village expo is growing and is even bigger again this year.

Are you having a go at the Norton Summit ITT on Monday 18?

Other #TDU2015 information and posts

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$90 for the Norton Summit ITT = no thanks

Rohan Dennis was riding Gorge Rd as were OGE (team and others) and Team Sky (with Geraint texting while riding at the back…) were near Target at Newton. An article in the Advertiser says Geraint has been renting a place in Glenelg for three months.

Does this count? 

Haha, winning so far at least!

That's gotta burn. 2 mins!

All the talk of Strava in the other thread got me searching for pros riding the TDU who appear to be active and who it's possible to follow (italics denotes riders whose rides are public but who you must request to follow) for the next couple of weeks. I've tried to find one from each team but wasn't quite able. Here's what I do have though ...

Some of them don't appear to be in Adelaide yet, but I think they're the right people. Missing riders AG2R, Dimension Data, IAM, Lampre, Movistar, Greenedge and the unannounced Team UniSA, so please add them to the list if you know of them!

That's awesome! I was thinking I should try and make a database of TDU pros using Strava. Now I don't have to! Win win.

Machado would be great to follow for climbing. The rest are more all-rounder types.

It's far from comprehensive - once I found one I stopped and moved on to the next team

Found Danilo Wyss. Someof the UniSA guys will likely use Strava too.

My Strava feed is chock-a-block full of pros riding around Adelaide now, hahaha. Most of them seem to be checking out the stage 2 circuit in Stirling and/or the run down Gorge rd, up Corkscrew and down Montacute. Lots of them are stopping to take photos of koalas for Instagram too, hahaha

Lampre were heading out the Gorge at 10. Sky were out around Lobethal.

Tinkoff were in Williamstown about lunchtime today..   :) 


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