TDU keeps its place in UCI WorldTour in new UCI plan

Great news for Adelaide (and Australia) and the Tour Down Under. At the UCI meeting held overnight in Richmond, USA, the management committee said the TDU would keep its place despite the announcement of many reforms.

Vice President of the UCI and head of the Oceanian Cycling Confederation, Tracey Gaudry said they wanted to maintain a global perspective in the reform of professional cycling.

"The Santos Tour Down Under is a fully-fledged sporting and tourism success story and today’s announcement gives us certainty it will continue to be a UCI WorldTour event. The decision also means the TDU will remain at the start of the WorldTour calendar in January.”

"The confirmation of the Santos Tour Down Under as the season opener in the Men's WorldTour confirms the event’s rightful place at the pinnacle of world cycling," she said.

SA Tourism Minister Leon Bignell also claimed some credit in keep the WorldTour race in SA.

"I have worked closely with Tracey Gaudry and Brian Cookson to ensure this brilliant result for the state and I thank them very much for continuing to support South Australia.

"The State Government works hard each year to grow the event and the festival we have created around the race to ensure it remains appealing and attracts more spectators."

All in all it's a win for SA and Australian cycling fans. The loss of the TDU wouldn't see it go anywhere else in Australia. It also shows the UCI has resisted pressure from ProTour teams to shorted the cycling calendar.

Bring on January.

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Meaningless like the Tour of Lombardy? One of the five monuments?

The truth is that the dates of the TDU just don't make much sense in the rest of the calendar. The TDU is in January and there aren't any other world tour races until mid-March. After that there are world tour races pretty much every weekend between March and October.

What's a Victard? Why are they sucking it?

Apparently a reference to our intellectually challenged Australian cousins who live across the border on the southern side of the River Murray. The premise here is that they have been thwarted in their evil desire to deprive our Glorious Homeland of its annual bikefest and to either relocate it or replace it with some second-rate, revenue losing, poorly run and badly attended travesty closer to the town where they once made a movie about 'the last place on earth'. I trust that this answers your question.


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