Has there been a printed guide in the Advertiser this year?  pretty disappointing effort if not .  my olds aren't online and want to see one, might have to print something for them. 

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I saw a printed guide at the house of an older relative yesterday. It looked like a 16 or 32 page insert which came with a newspaper. I don't if it came with an Advertiser, but it looked like it. It included info on the women's event so maybe came out last week.

(Note this is a correction to an earlier, now-deleted post)

I think it was in the Sunday Mail of 12-Jan-20. Because googling ("official 2020 tdu magazine"), gives:

THE OFFICIAL 2020 TDU MAGAZINE, ONLY IN THIS WEEKEND'S Sunday Mail. The Advertiser - 2020-01-11 - NEWS - ...

cool, will see if they still have it


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