I know it wasnt a race but curious if others were happy with their times or achivement

I was happy with 5 hours

Did see a serious accident 4kms back from cricks hill cnr (ambulance required) hope the riders are ok


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I was just about to post something similar.

I had a great day on the bike, rode the whole way with Grant (fellow AC member) and achieved my target time. It is good to have a ride buddy, someone to chat to, encourage and be encouraged by. I think I would not have enjoyed 5 hours in the saddle on my own.

We also saw the aftermath of a couple of crashes, the one you mentioned look quite nasty. I hope all involved are going to be OK and can get back on the bike soon.

Yep, Tim and I had a great day - we rolled across the start and finish lines together and I think we started and finished each climb within a few metres of each other.  Had I not found Tim at Norwood I wouldn't have ridden anywhere near that pace and would have stopped for longer as well.  Having a buddy like that was really motivating.  Hopefully we'll be able to do it again some time.

I was on the verge of saying it was the most enjoyable riding event I've done, but then I thought back to Amy's GranFondo in Lorne, Amy's Ride 2010&11, TDU 2011 and a couple of BikeVic's Great Rides in the mid 90s and I realise that ANY mass cycling event is sheer pleasure.

Brett, did you mean Crennis Mines Rd ?  The accident Tim and I saw on the Menglers descent looked nasty.  The ambulance was coming the other way just after we turned onto Crennis Mines Rd.  That would have been scary since he could have been going between 50 and 70 km/h at the time.

This event was my return to cycling events after 3 years off the bike thanks to a brain tumour.[ I still don't have the full use of my left hand to properly operate the STI levers on my racing bike, but to be honest after such a long time off the bike, I'm just stoked to be cycling again.]

I felt a little odd riding a flat bar commuter bike with a 7spd hub gear especially with all of that bike porn about!, but got all the way through to Mengler's. I was one of those pushing my velo up the middle section of that hill. I had a great day out and I can't wait for the next one. I hope that with 12 months more physical therapy, I'll have enough use of my left hand to ride my Orbea, the next challenge tour with a full complement of gears would make a heck of a difference! - never bring a knife to a gun-fight! Never bring a 7spd to Menglers Hill! Well done to all who put on the day, including the coppers for directing traffic etc and especially the other cyclists who offered words of encouragement as they zoomed past:). The brotherhood of cycling is something I've really missed.

thanks for sharing that. Good on you Kasey

Kasey, glad you have returned to cycling after such a bad time. I know of two of other AC members who have experienced cancer. Somehow one was able to cycle up to Mount Lofty after removal of a lung! So hang in there while you aim to get back to your old level.

I'm sure one day I'll be back riding my carbon machine:) perhaps I just need a montage? (cue cheesy 80s music - TDU theme?) Does anyone have contact with the cancer voices SA cycling mob? even though I ride a piece of crap, it would be nice to try to get back the social element of cycling again:)

A big Kudos to u Kasey

great effort an inspiration to us all

well done kasey awesome effort.

Great to hear you made it all the way Kasey (albeit with a little walk).  I looked out for you at the oval afterwards but didn't see you.

No doubt we'll swap stories at work on Monday !!

Here's hoping you'll be able to ride your very own Basque bike porn before next year's event.

Good on you. I saw a lady of senior years with an artificial arm come in yesterday. The stuff of inspiration ... both of you.

Saw on the news that one man cycled in the BUPA event, when his last chemo ended on Thursday.

got in at 11.40 am. And boy was it a gradient of a day..or what! Felt good about my time. Eating like a racehorse now!


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