TdF 2016 is very near - how well do you remember the 2006 edition?

It's almost here - the 2016 TdF.  But do you remember 2006?

To stimulate some interest in le Tour - I've prepared a gallery of stills taken from the 2006 TdF.  The heroes and villains.  I chose the 2006 Tour because it was without the Texan (it still had it's share of dopers and cheats) and was 10 years ago.

The challenge - should you decide to accept it - is to identify these participants.   

There aren't any prizes - other than a self-indulgent smug feeling and the respect and awe from other visitors to this site.

There will be no clues.

Correspondence will definitely be entered into!  So will banter and ridicule for that matter.

I'll confirm the riders' identities when all 32 are correctly identified. 

I know easytiger will know them all - and I hope he let's everyone have a go.

From a Copyright perspective - all images were cropped from online sources and I am relying on the principle of "fair use".

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Feel free to guess at individuals - just use their numbers... for example: No 5 is "........." 

5 is Cadel Evans, 8 is Jens Voight, 20 is Thomas Voekler, 18 is Andy Schleck, 22 is Cancellera, 24 is Michael Rodgers, 25 might be Robbie Mckewin?
Dammit, I looked through all of them for Voekler's tongue hanging out - would have been my only chance at getting one, but he's got it tucked away in this photo!

Some nice answers - especially for the Aussies.

9 - Michael Albasini? is kind of Australian?

I'll need to review my copy of Chasing Legends.

By the way, Fantasy TDF coming soon.

I got 21, had to cheat to get the next 6, no idea about the other 5.

Good work ET.  Awesome in fact.  Some are hard to ID from these pics as they're not the "official" mugshots.   I may have to provide more info for some of them - maybe a larger image of the rider.

No Freire, Boonen or Tosatto, even though they (hint) won stages? Gonchar should be there as well??

Hmmm.  World Champ in 2006? With long hair?  

@maps.  wow- yeah, WITH hair

Doh! my bad. I was trying to work out how Gerald Ciolek (2005 German road champion) snuck into the Tour when he was riding on a Pro-Conti team?


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