Going up the hill to Crafers yesterday (26/12/15) got a puncture from a tack (while riding in the bike lane), and reports from other cyclists suggest this wasn't an isolated incident.

Apparently it was reported to a passing cop, does anyone know if this vandalism is new, or ongoing, or just a one-off?

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See now, that makes absolutely NO sense (not that tacking in general is a great idea). Why target cyclists riding in one of our few separated cycling lanes causing no "inconvenience" to anybody else? Do they want people to abandon these separated tracks and go up Greenhill instead?

I ride Eagle-on-the-Hill/Mt Osmond/Greenhill/Lofty return 3+ days a week and have so for the last 7 years (I do not go below Mt Osmond Rd, down to the Toll Gate)

The only 'obviously' cyclist target vandalism i have experienced over this time has been spirit bottles smashed where one crosses back over to the Rd down from the bollards, and the same just below the boarding Kennels. The former was most recent (say 4? months ago) other stuff rather hap-hazard and not for over a couple year. The latter was curious as it was obviously intentional but appeared that one must have walked down the path to smash them rather than just lob them out of the car window.

I haven't noticed anything recently and would not have said it was a problem in the area. I have only lost 1 tyre in 7 years living in the area.


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