Support for Bicycle Use from The Greens in Saturday's Election...

Hi Folks, 

Katie (from BISA) has agreed to my posting of the letter below from Mark Parnell of The Greens. If this doesn't solve your indecision at the booth this weekend I don't know what will! ;-)


"Dear Fay & Katie,

Thanks for your letter setting out BISA’s 2018 State election asks. 

To cut right to the chase, the Greens are delighted to support all of the initiatives set out in your letter.

  1. Invest $75 million each year for 4 years to fund priority cycle infrastructure
  2. Complete SA bike riders’ Top 10 infrastructure priorities by 2022 (with councils)
  3. Directly fund the Metropolitan LGA’s Cycling Strategy, and direct $10 million per year to local bicycle infrastructure
  4. Commit a yearly budget to improve the safety of cyclists on DPTI roads
  5. Delegate a DPTI ‘program’ to active transport. FUND it and REPORT on it!

The Greens believe that these are modest proposals that will help redress years of neglect of cycling and cycling infrastructure.

I will declare a personal interest in relation to item 2 above.  My regular cycling commute to work for the last 22 years has been along Winston Avenue / East Avenue / Mike Turtur bikeway, so I know first hand how important this route is for Southern suburbs residents.  I was part of the campaign 20 years ago to get proper crossing facilities at Goodwood Road, which are now excellent (aside from the prioritisation schedule of the lights).  Much of the route however is in a dilapidated condition, particularly alongside the tram corridor with loose pavers, unsafe bollards and a  surface that jolts both bones and bikes. I’m glad it made it to your top 10 list.  Ditto for the city infrastructure.

Whilst I am responding on behalf of the party, as you may know, I am not personally up for election this year as my term expires in 2022.  I’d be happy to catch up with you after the election to help work out how best to achieve these reforms and dealing with an old/new? Government.

Let me know what else you need.


Mark Parnell MLC,

Parliamentary Leader, Greens SA

Honorary convenor, Parliament House Bicycle Users’ Group

Mark Parnell MLC"

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It really was extraordinary for me to learn trough this process how little transport policy exists in all other parties

Mark is a good guy - if you really want cycling advocates in parliament then vote for the Greens.


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