Does anyone know of a link to a map that shows closures/ restrictions to cycle paths due to the Superloop 500? My usual route was barely open last night, but I know it will be closed off completely today or tomorrow. Just want to work out an alternative avoiding some of the worst of the roads.

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Just on bikelane closures and the stupidity of town planners this one always gets me every year.

About 3 years ago ACC built a 2nd path through this park, but in their wisdom they built in 1m inside the track fence!!!.  if they had built it just 5m south there would be no bike lane closures during racing. why?

they know were the fence line is ever year so why didnt they just move the new path a touch over like the dotted line below! 

Kristian, in theory DPTI’s Cycle Instead planner will indicate when cycling routes are closed. Understand that you enter your start and destination, and road and path closures will be excluded from the suggested route. Please give us feedback.

Equal2Lance2, you appear to be knowledgeable about local cycling conditions. Sounds disappointing.

This Adelaide BUG discussion was started to inform cyclists of known closures in the City.

Can get through via the Adelaide Bowling Club carpark, around the southern side of Rymill Park Lake (or over the bridges and the island more direct and fun) then up the incline to the newish refuge in East Tce midway between Pirie and Grenfell, then up to Pirie.

Thanks for that. I might just do some laps around the area looking smugly at all the people sitting in their cars not going anywhere

I was looking smugly at them this morning 

Looking at all those cars (in particular 4x4s) driving from suburbia, in a range of less than 15-20 kilometres, in perfectly fine weather, all flat roads, doing 5kph is like looking at refined madness. Humans are really really weird.

I'm glad we had an oil crisis in Denmark in the 70s and had the courage to not put up with the worsening road statistics and let common sense prevail. Obviously the ACC thinks we need a bit more time (on top of the 40+ years) to work out how best to put more bike lanes in place. #wegethepoliticianswedeserve  #facepalm

I spent a couple of weeks in Copenhagen and Aarhus. My wife is resisting my attempts to move us there! (Not sure I'd cope with the winters though)

I have cousins in Aarhus.  It's a lovely place, but I don't think I could do a full winter there.

I love how many drivers, just have to pull their car into the bike lane to impede your progress. I get it every day, i just laugh at them. Frome street looked like it was moving alright this morning from your video, when I came through the other night, it wasn't moving and frustrated drivers were deliberately queuing across the intersections, pissing each other off. I should have jumped off the bike and taken a photo- 10 of us on bikes queued up at the red light taking up less room than 2 cars. We all easily got through the next green, only 1 car from each lane.

I had to wave one bloke out of the bike lane this morning 

Paul, also a road rule that limits driving in bike lane!

Paul's second video also shows vehicle congestion.
Drivers, it can make sense to 'cycle instead'.


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