Sunday morning ride around Marble Hill - Norton Summit. Anyone interested?

Don't want to post it under events yet, as I want to be more flexible in terms of time and actual route.
Planing to start around 9-10am from Gorge rd, then Corkscrew rd, Montacute, Marble, Norton Summit.
I usually keep a moderate pace, but prefer to do not stop along the way.
Anyone who likes this direction is welcome to join the ride.
As I said, start time and the route is flexible, so suggestions are welcome too.

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You could join the Gully Grinders who are doing nearly that same route. Friendly bunch

Nah, want to do corkscrew rd and without stopping.

I might be able to make a 10am start (finish work 1am) .. I'd aim to be at Maryvale / Gorge intersection at 10am if I were "in" .. yeah I don't like to stop and wait once under way, I also don't like to ride at someone else's pace (unless it's slower) .. ;-)

PS: Nice route

Sounds good. Lets aim for 10am at Maryvale/Gorge intersection.

I agree, This is a great route. I will tag along if that's cool?
Hi Scott
Will be glad to see you tomorrow
Great. See you then Sergi.
Thanks Sergi! Great ride and such fantastic weather as well (-:

Guys, thank you for the ride. It was perfect in any respect!

Planing the same for the Anzac weekend, if weather will be fine. Not sure what day it will be yet.

Yes. Thanks for the ride. Great weather and good company. Anzac Day could be good. Cheers
The Anzac weekend is pretty good for me but not the Friday ... I've got a rain coat ;-)

The weather looks good for Sunday. The same place and the same time (or maybe half an hour earlier). Anyone interested?


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