Thought I'd start a discussion about the stuff you see whilst out on the bike. The good, the bad and the funny. Preferable the good and the funny but the bad stuff still has a place.

I'll start with the things I saw on my ride yesterday arvo.

1st I saw a dude on a hand cycle smashing along in the wind at over 30km/h. Arms. Of. Steel.

2nd had a great moment on a roundabout when I was freely allowed to go through before a lady in a red Mitsubishi and was smiled and waved at, great share the road experience especially as I was planning to let her go as we were a fair way back.

3rd was a 'what were you thinking moment'. Saw a guy on his slick Cervelo time trial bike. He had all the matching kit and was adhering to the rules by making sure everything matched......even the 6 30cm zip ties sticking out of his I mean at least they were whit and matched his helmet but what about the aero.....the aero.

Lastly I'd like to put a shout out to the bogan in the 4x4 ute for yelling at me. I would like to think he was say how good my ass looked or how amazing my riding was being able to accelerate up to traffic speed to change lanes and turn right. However it was probably something nothing like that. Here is what he said.....aarrgthfmfffoptheringffrtttytt

As you can see he said it in bogan so I couldn't understand.

Anyway happy riding :-)

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That bogan sounds the same as a magpie!

Lots of lambs bouncing around the paddocks near Cudlee Creek and a couple of bigger ones having a good back scratch against a rough tree made me smile yesterday.

Was riding along a quiet country road outside Williamstown yesterday and in a paddock amongst a couple of horses and cows there was a camel. I thought that was pretty cool

From a few weeks ago. The police notified this guy where his car ended up after being stolen. The night before had torrential rain the the thieves lost control of it on the Gorge Rd north of Cudlee Creek and went over the edge. 'It still starts' he told me a bit dejected.

I bet the hand cyclist was Grant Allen. I have seen him flying

He was out near North Haven.

I've noticed this AWESOME setup that these people have on their property. It's on the Mt Lofty Scenic route, coming down from the summit just before you reach the Greenhill Rd t-junction. They've taken their ugly concrete water tank and put a deck with some chairs and a table on top and the view from there is lovely. It's almost tempting enough for me to stop, have a seat and see if they'll bring me a cup of tea and a muffin or something.

Almost as good as my old's neighbour in Perth.  His is used as a swimming pool during summer.  I'm not sure whether that is legal though.

I think that weird train-track/rollercoaster/defence facility thing that someone has on Norton Summit track is great. I've never seen it in action but I'd love to know what the story behind it is. 

Yep. Seen it too. Agree. So tempting!

Yesterday I saw:

Polite drivers

canola crops flowering

magpies chattering

babbling brooks

freshly laid bicycle track bitumen

cakes and coffee being enjoyed

happy cyclists.

Yeah, nothing special.

Adelaide + Cycling = Bliss.


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