I am quite weak (cold blooded and spinless too), weak in the legs as has been highlighted to me recently with some responses in context about leg power but I've also noted the average watts Strava says I put out is also quite pathetic... so I'm off to the gym and I have a new stationary trainer.

Do you do a specific leg/ glute/ hammies/ quads/ core strengthening program in the gym with machine or barbell, hand weights and incorporating squats?

I am trying to develop a plan that'll take me 30 mins a day after warmup that will focus on 4 - 6 specific exercies and start out with high reps in sets of 3 (so reasonable resistence) and increasing resistence over the next 10 weeks and reduce reps.

Strong men and women's thoughts welcome. I have got a book called Stronger Legs and Lower Body (by Kinesis) and The Cyclists Training Bible by Joe Friel which has a good chapter on gym work. To be honest I've done all body balanced weights before and never really seen any benefit but I wasn't really riding and not focused on one group.

In addition I want to use the trainer to develop strength as well as cardio. My trainer is a Cycleops which promotes these training videos which you can run on your iPhone which is great. http://www.realrides.tv/index.html

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No, I put the bike on it as well and sometimes I do out of the ssddle intervals.

So when are you going to put the pedals back on the bike?

I think there is a question that is yet to be asked...what are you looking to improve? Do you want to sprint faster? Climb the hills quicker? Are you looking to improve your overall speed?

I have previously been advised that a good way to build strength is to find a hill, put in a gear which sees you pushing at a cadance of around 60, and ride away. I normally do this once a week up Waterfall Gully.

I have also been told that building the strength means nothing if you don't convert it to speed! Pyramid intervals (eg 1 min easy 1 min hard x6; 1 min easy 2 min hard x6, 1 min easy 1 min hard x6) are apparently a good way to do this, as has already been suggested!

Leg weights is good for sprinting but I wouldnt bother when one can just go ride a 1hr loop around the local bergs once a week.

Getting a power meter is a great idea. Ive found the strava data is pretty accurate when I compare my strava wattage with my power meter data. 

Ive got mates that can squat crazy amounts of weight yet they can't ride up norton summit in the 50. Nothing beats specific training IMHO. Still, if one likes the gym then go for it over winter for sure.


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