A simple question for users of Strava...

Did you read the T&Cs and the Privacy Policy before, or at the time, you registered?

If you didn't then, have you done so since?

Just trying to gather some simple data for a university assignment.

Thanks in advance.

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Tht's a No & a No - gads!

Advanced deanonymization through Strava – posted by Steve Loughran on 29-Jan-2018 – steveloughran.blogspot.com.au

Strava's heatmap revealed military bases, but it also showed nothing is anonymous online – published by ABC News on 4-Feb-2018 – www.abc.net.au/news/science/2018-02-04/strava-heatmap-online-anonym...

Thanks Heather, I'm across all of that. What I'm after is just some very raw un-scientific data about whether actual Strava users read the T&Cs and privacy policy before signing up. 

So far it's a 100% no, but I think the sample size of two is a little too small.

Whoops, no I did not.

Nope and nadda.

No I didn't either

Supplemental question, for those who have responded and for those who haven't:

Irrespective of whether you read the privacy policy or not, who has made changes to their privacy settings to restrict who can see particular information, e.g. setting up a Privacy Zone, or de-activating FlyBys?

I have set up a Privacy Zone - I have not deactivated Fly-bys.

I did.  I should also point out that their privacy zone has a major flaw.  Its a circle, based on a address, of a known distance which means that its an easy calculation to determine the centre.  Any location that I want unknown, such as home, uses 4-5 circles located on different different points away from my home with various levels of overlapping.  This way the distance is unknown and therefore the centre can not be calculated.

Yes I set up the privacy zone, but not deactivated the fly bys.

Agree with James about the privacy circle issue though. At least I'm not on a secret US Military base though.

I did.  pretty much what I expected given that they make most of their money from 'big data' analysis


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