Today I discovered that people can see where you live when they create a segment based on where your ride starts, even when you have privacy set to block out your house/work/ride start locations from your ride maps.

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Hmm, this is a bit of a concern if this is true.

It's true. Try it...

i would report it to strava Katie, good pick up

But what about when you get home? Do you stop it 500 m before the end?

sure do, at the same place each time Katie, my fake home just around the corner

i had a mate who had his bike stolen, and police stated to him that criminals were using these type of sites (strava) to help assist in theft, with smart phones unfortunately are making the criminals "smarter"

Did that mate live 500m around the corner :)


Interesting find.  I usually start the Garmin once Im around the corner, then stop in the driveway.  Might have to change that.

no, but he comments that my bike looks just like his :)

fake home is actually "an intersection just around the corner"

simple solution, start / finish ride on garmin 500 mtrs from home / work etc that you want to keep private, been doing that ever since strava started, never have trusted privacy settings  with any on line site, shouldnt have to i agree

I've logged this as an issue with Strava.

Doesn't work Brett. Follow up from this thread similar topic re stolen bike

Assume that you start/finish from and to the medical centre on The Parade and you start or finish at three points all being the same distance then your position can be easily plotted very accurately.

When you set it up use the middle of a park or shopping centre etc as your 'home'.
(In my case I wonder if the people diagonally across in the next street have been broken into yet !)

350m used in example below, distance irrelevant if consistent.

Heh one of those is just near my place ! :-) .  OK so either choose a random distance and place each time or choose the same place every time which, to be fair to neighbours, should be a non-residential location.  Well spotted.

Centre of that oval would be good but Strava needs an address so try 350 The Parade, that would be the oval approximately.

Make sure that your false address is within the 500m radius of your home, if not it will start plotting as soon as it powers up if it is outside the 500m. !


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