Here are some exerts from a news article on NYC bike lanes.

The Department of Transportation took a debatably-deserved victory lap on Wednesday, announcing that 20.9 miles of protected bike lanes had been installed across the five boroughs this year. That's about ten miles short of their projected goal, and a bit less than the record-setting 25 miles that were added last year. But it brings the total on-street protected bike lane network up to 119.5 miles—triple what it was in 2014

Of course, those improvement haven't come without some setbacks: Inwood's brand new crosstown lane might get ripped out to preserve the "culture" of double parking, NIMBY vigilantes are scattering thumb tacks across new paths in Sunnyside, and the NYPD continues to treat bike lanes as their own personal parking lots. But as far we know, the year passed without a single TV news reporter pointing at a bike lane and invoking the threat of terrorism. So, progress.

The spread of protected bike lanes—and the larger "safety in numbers" dynamic borne from a growing number of cyclists—also seems to be saving lives. This year, the city recorded an all-time low of 10 cyclist fatalities, down from 24 in 2017. The previous annual low for cyclist deaths was 12, during both 2009 and 2013.

Overall, the city said that total traffic fatalities have decreased from 215 to 191 year-to-date, with pedestrian deaths ticking up slightly, from 104 to 107.

Cyclist Deaths Hit Record Low As NYC Adds 20 Miles Of Protected Bik...

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Sadly one of those deaths was an Australian tourist, Madison Lyden. She was killed because of a taxi blocking a bike lane in August this year .

And its mayor doesn't seem to have a problem with people blocking cycle lanes: "If someone’s blocking . . . a bike lane for 30 seconds while they take out the groceries or to let their kid off, I don’t think they should get a ticket for that,” he said. “If someone leaves their car for any meaningful amount of time, they should be penalized and that should be an enforcement priority." ... ike-lanes/

It is time to get really smart about e-bikes
By Alan Pears
Published by ReNew Economy on 20-Apr-2018
Beijing now has many fenced-off road lanes for use by bikes and other low-speed compact vehicles.


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