My Scott CR1 54cm men's road bike was stolen from my backyard today during the day in Goodwood. 

It has a women's saddle and white handle bars and white rims which make it stand out a bit. The pedals are half clip in and half normal. I've filed with the police but I'm assuming I'm never going to see it again :(

If anyone spots it please send me a message.

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Anna, suggest that you update my draft report below, then add to the discussion at
The outline is based on SAPOL's The Bicycle Passport.

It was a good idea for you to post on the AC hub where many initially see it.
However, your post will ‘disappear’ from view when more discussions added.
So please add to AC group Stolen Bicycle Adelaide, where people might look when suspicious about a bike and ownership. 

Make / model: Scott CR1
Colour: black with some white and yellow
Type: men’s road
Frame / serial number:
Frame size: 54 cm
Wheels: white rims
Tyres (make / colour):
Gears (make / type / number):
Handlebar type: racing with white tape
Pedal type (rubber / metal / reflector):
Saddle (colour / plastic / leather): women’s saddle, black
Accessories: brown saddlebag ?
Identifying marks (stickers / badges / damage / repairs):
Security mark (type & position):
Date stolen: Tuesday 29-May-2018 during the day
Location: Goodwood backyard
Extra Info:
Picture: attached


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