Got my Giant road bike stolen in the morning of 2nd May from the school ground in Walkerville. 
I would appreciate if you can spread the words to fellow cyclist all around Adelaide.
It's my main mode of transport, so I hope I can get it recovered.
Below are the detail of the stolen bike:
Brand/Model: Giant TCR Advanced 1 Disc
Colour: Neon Green
Drivetrain: Ultegra
Distinct features:
- 2 x 99bikes branded bottle cages
- a Garmin Edge 200 bike computer attached to it using a front mount
- a paint chip on the rear right hand side of the frame (on chainstay near rear derailleur hanger)
- white tape at the bottom of the seat post
- Lezyne saddle bag
- Lifeline pump attached
Please see picture below.

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Suggest you join AC group Stolen Bicycles Adelaide at

Then post full bike details, based on SAPOL’s The Bicycle Passport, in the discussion Stolen Bicycles at

There is another discussion Recovering Stolen Bicycle at

If you become a member of the above AC group, I will include an alert in the newsletter BUG Enews.
Cheers, Heather

Thanks, Heather.

Added your info under discussion
Please check number 43 for corrections and additions.

At this discussion
there are hints like ...
Report locally your stolen bike, as well as on other specific websites to spread the word.
Three suggested current websites:
1. The Australian Bike Vault – Stolen Bicycles Australia website is operated by Stolen Bicycles Australia Ltd (SBA). SBA is a non-profit organisation, founded in late 2015 by avid bike riders and former police. –

2. Bicycles Network Australia. Three ‘housekeeping’ threads, followed by most recent listing of 2-Mar-2018. –

3. National Bike Register. The National Bike Register was initiated by Police and developed by Crime Stoppers, DataDot Technology and cycling sponsor Subaru, to combat bike theft in Australia. –


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