Hi all, a friend and colleague recently had her cargo bike stolen.  Given the relatively small number of them around I was hoping the power of social media might help.

Some extra details:

Cargobike brand (purchased from Melbourne). Black frame with timer box. Two large lights were added to the front and orange/red trailer lights were mounted on the sides. They were hooked up to a 12V battery that was encased in a small box under the front seat within the box. There were also two drink bottle holders mounted inside the box.

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I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it! I've seen a few around the place. Especially heading to the Wayville Showground Farmer's Market on Sunday Mornings. I'll have a look for it when I'm there next. 

I'll keep an eye out! Cargobikes stick out like a sore thumb anyway!

Suggest that you also post this on the AC group Stolen Bicycles Adelaide, where full details of stolen bicycles listed, based on SAPOL's The Bicycle Passport.
A link to check if anyone is suspicious about ownership of a bicycle.
Other topics you might find interesting:
-- Decrease risk of bicycle theft
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I found this ad on Gumtree in Melbourne: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/northcote/bicycles/european-box-carg...

It's the same make and model as this bike. I know it's highly unlikely that this is the one but it could be possible that someone's taken it with them over there. Worth a check anyway. 

Heard that some distinctive expensive bikes stolen in Adl are taken interstate. So do check interstate adverts and discretely enquire as though you are a potential purchaser.

Thanks Matthew, same model but different bike. On a brighter side, looks like the owners  will be getting themselves a Yuba Mondo to replace it. 

Man, if someone stole my car pretty upset. If someone stole my cargo bike I would hunt them down and do nasty things to them!

“Slow fatty” could you message or call me 0412666875 re the owner of this? Possibly located in parkside abandoned but looks basically identical to this stolen cargo bike.
It is being held by Norwood police but no identifying name of owner on bike....
Thanks Alex

It looks like Slow Fatty hasn't posted here since 2015. I've sent him a message, which will hopefully go to his email.

Thanks Peter.  I've been in touch with Alex as well as my friend whom the cargo bike belonged to.  Trying to determine if it's a match. Cheers, John.

Here's hoping it's the same bike. Those little kids have probably outgrown it by now, but it would still be nice outcome.

Sadly not the same bike which I presume means someone else has also had their cargo bike stolen.


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