My bike was stolen over the weekend :-( it is an avanti blade, bright blue with a black basket on the front and parcel shelf on the back. There is a red light on the back but no light on the front. It also has a damaged grip in the right as it was chewed by my dog.

The bike was stolen from the corner of Franklin St and bentham St in Adelaide. It was locked up to a fence.

There is CCTV footage of the theif. He rode up on a bike, lent down and cut the cable lock, chucked my helmet in the basket and rode east holding my bike by the handle bar stem. He is probably in his 40's (and is obviously a Jerk and a loser who needs to get a life)!

I have reported the theft to the police and am hoping they catch the bastard. He obviously wasn't just stealing himself a bike but does this for cash. If anyone saw anything I'd appreciate hearing about it
This happened at 12:04am on Saturday

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Pip, suggest that you also post this on the AC group Stolen Bicycles Adelaide at
A place to list details of stolen bicycles, and where to check details if you are suspicious about ownership of a bicycle. Please include details below, based on SAPOL's The Bicycle Passport.

Other topics you might find interesting:
-- Seeking stolen bicycles
-- Decrease risk of bicycle theft
-- Prepare before your bicycle is stolen

Have you got a photo by any chance ?  Is it like this 

That is exactly how it is!

HI Pip

I am really sorry to hear this. I worry every time I leave my bike locked up that some bastard like this will take it and it is rotten that it has happened to you. Are the police putting the CCTV footage up by any chance? There are a few thousand people on this site who would love to see it and maybe identify the &%@ker for you. Hope you get it back. Maybe cruise around the various crime converters outlets.

It sh&ts me to tears that if a cyclist was to maybe smash his face inside out with his bolt cutters, who'd be the bad guy (or girl)?

Still haven't got the bike back but I must say I have been very impressed that sapol have taken it seriously. I let them know there was footage so they approached my work for a copy.


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