Hi All

Just after some advice on repairing my steel 29er frame.

It developed a crack at the seat post collar during the gravelaide ride on the weekend. I'm investigating options to get it repaired but I also wanted some advice on the best method. I have contacted Rogers Bespoke, Star Cycles Elizabeth and an aviation welder I saw in another thread.

So far I have been advised that a tube brazed around the cracked area of the seat post is a possible fix.

Does anyone know who else I can contact in SA?

For those with experience are there other options for fixing it I should consider (e.g. TIG welding)?

Cheers Andrew

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If it was my bike I would clean off the paint, MIG weld on a suitable setting, paint it black and ride. About 1/2 hour all up. I've MIG welded steel bike frames before, they're really easy. Brazing will soften the steel over a much wider area than MIG. BTW I may be biased towards MIG welding because I've had one for about 35 years... a very useful tool if you're into steel.

I would suggest TIG welding the crack but would need to be properly cleaned prior and possibly reamed afterwards. I could take a look at it for you if you like?

Peter Good will fix it for you. Contact: peter.good10[at]bigpond.com



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