Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience getting a steel frame repaired in Adelaide?

Looking to get this Soma Wolverine frame fixed, doesn't need to be too pretty just needs to be functional.

Could any old welder do a good enough job or does this need someone special? Or is it buggered?


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Welding steel frames is pretty easy, I've done it myself (I have a suitable welder). The steel needs to be 100% free of paint for about 10mm around the weld, then any competent sheet metal welder (or crash repairer) should be able to do it. General structural steel welders would not be used to welding such thin steel.

No guarantee that it would be as strong as the original but you could add a little extra bracing under the welded area.

That's a stress fracture of some sort on what is an otherwise high-quality frame. Unusual spot too! I would strongly suggest you go see Peter Good about having it repaired. It's a high-stress area in what may be a butted section of the chain stay. Peter is a mig/tig/brazing wizard and understands the metallurgy and stresses of frames very well. While not wanting to argue with anyone's views on their own general welding ability, I don't think this rather unusual repair would benefit from an 'amateur' solution (I'm not using the term in a disparaging sense!) PM me and I'll put you in contact with Pete.

Hey. If you bought this frame locally, I would suggest you contact the shop for a warranty replacement, alternatively contact Soma directly. This is a known fault with a certain run of the Wolverines, and you're very likely to get an updated replacement free of charge.


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