SSRC Update – 28/12/2015

First-up: Tuesday’s night Straggler’s ride had a huge turnout of 24 riders, not all known by the organisers but all reportedly enjoyed the 35km spin from Woodcroft to Christies Beach via Old Noarlunga. Andrew Jones did manage to kiss the dirt at the start of the ride and Nick Crush had some reassembly issues, but everyone got around. If we get as many folks tomorrow I’ll ask the group if splitting from the start is an option. See you then!

Saturday’s rides: As expected, there were fewer riders than usual for the Boxing Day rides, but there were still over 20 riders in total across L, P and Green P groups. Carl’s L riders tackled Moritz road, the most scenic of the L Rides. Yours truly took the P Ride out through a small bit of dirt track before heading up Old Willunga Hill. I did manage to cut off 5km from the proposed route for which I must apologise. I do think that I experienced a bit of ‘white line fever’ heading down Kangarilla Road, which assisted in utterly forgetting the Blewitt Springs Road turn! Nick Crush took the Green Ps out for the first time and gave all attending the late Christmas present of Pennys Hill AND Bangor, easily the two hardest fully sealed road hills in the vicinity of McLaren Vale. Chapeau to all of you who took part in all of the post-Christmas rides.

For this week:

Tuesday Night Stragglers: The short 27km loop into Hallet Cove, along Secombe Road and up the Veloway from Darlington is on the agenda for tomorrow. As suggested above, if we get a huge group, we’ll talk about splitting it from the start. Details here;


Saturday’s Rides: They are all from Port Noarlunga this week. The L Ride is Route 1, California Road and The Shiraz Trail for 40km at around 20kph. As Carl is not available this week, I’m looking for volunteers for both Ride Leader and Tail-End-Charlie. Let me know via return email or message on Adelaide Cyclists or Facebook. Details at:

The P Ride is a bit longer than usual as we’re trying to assist those looking for a bit more time in the saddle in the run up to Ride Like Crazy and The Bupa Challenge. Details here:

The Green Ps are in a bit of a green pickle this week! As yet we have no confirmed Ride Leader. As of today, Colin is unwell and Nick is unavailable so I’m looking for a back-up person to be responsible for leading everyone around the undulating 59km course. So if you want the pace but without the race, let me know and we’ll sort something out. As a sweetner, I will agree to a leader changing the route for the day. Get in touch! Details here:

As a heads-up, the rides for the week-ends of the 16th and 23rd of January will both depart from McLaren Vale. It’s the week of the TDU and a great opportunity to show off the local area to the interstate/overseas visitors who sometimes join us for a ride on these weekends. Consequently I will be looking to have the rides for the 9th of January start from Modish 5 at Woodcroft. So, lock these into your diaries folks.

Happy New Year everyone!


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Happy New Year to you Wattsy and everyone that I have had the pleasure to ride with in 2015, lets hope that 2016 brings happiness to all.

Good luck to all that are riding Tuesday evening and Saturday's "L" Red "P" & Green "P" group rides.


Well it looks like we have a leader for the Green Ps. Thanks Andrew Paffett for putting your hand up.
In further good news, John has offered to take the L Ride out this Saturday. All rides should go ahead as planned.


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