SSRC Update: 13/12/2015

What a great week for riding it was again. The Tuesday Stragglers ride saw 17 riders navigate their way through Old Noarlunga, over the Bluff and past Christies Beach. The group split this week and, frankly, it needed to, with an average speed difference between the riders somewhere in the 12kph region. It felt like everyone got around in another rider’s company whilst stretching themselves to some degree. It was good fun.

Saturday saw the continuation of the stupendous weather and 33 riders rolled-out in three separate groups. The L Ride was joined for the first time by Sharon, who had been (for want of a better word) referred to SSRC by Bert at Oxygen Cycles. We hope you had a great first ride with SSRC Sharon. Judging from the Strava stats, the L Ride is getting quicker again! It may be time for a few folks to try their first ‘P Ride’?

The P Ride had the biggest group for the day, 15 riders in all and the bit of climbing available was crammed into the first 15km of the day. Most of the rest was downhill fun! Chapeau to Bruce Jessup for his ride. He’s getting stronger quickly folks! He held his own for pace in the P Ride, making the step-up look easy.

The Green P’s has a smaller group this week but did see Gareth having his first crack at the faster pace. He completed the course in good time and was accompanied by other riders when he did find the pace a bit swift. Chapeau to you too Gareth!

Next week will be go as follows;

The Tuesday Night Stragglers will leave as per normal at 6pm. It’s the shorter course including the veloway this week.


This coming Saturday we are trying something different as it is going to be hot. Stupidly hot. So instead of organising three rides that will, in all likelihood, be cancelled, we are trying something new and would like you all to DYOT or 'Do Your Own Thing'.

Of course, you don't need to have an event put up to do that, but what it can provide is an opportunity for you to share what you plan to do, when you plan to do it and see if anyone wants to share your ride.

See the event for details and you can put any questions on there also:


I don’t envisage that I’ll be doing an update next Sunday, I’ll be away enjoying 40 plus conditions up at Moonta in a tent! So, merry Christmas to all of you wonderful riding folks and your families and I hope to see you on Boxing Day.

Cheers, Wattsy.

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Some pic from the Red P ride can be viewed by anyone at


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