After a tease last weekend, a fairly crappy week with rain and wind, mother nature was once again kind to the cycling fraternity turning on a magic Spring day.

Arriving to a balmy 10 degree morning in Mclaren Vale, the 8 confirms soon swelled into a mass of Lycra, garmins and rubber.

Maybe it was the crows poor performance, maybe it was the promise of Crick support at the top of Willunga, maybe it was the sunshine....whatever it was ...they came.

The Early arrivers Steve, Matt, Matt Mike and Stu.

We were also graced by a special appearance we had not seen since the beginning of Autumn

"Is this where I'm meant to be?"

RD6 pretty wrapped once he worked out he was in the right place.

Guess who got new wheels for turning old :)

Scott too had a new ride!!  However he did not want a this is the best I could manage covertly....apparently the wheels turn nice.


So we gathered and waited for the all important ride briefing

Graham the appointed ride leader arriving at 8.05am for the 8.00am briefing

Graham had taken charge for the morning and began to marshall the troops

Guess who wasn't paying attention during the briefing......

We almost got to the call of 'Rolling' when the call came in from Shav.

He had a flat....and that was getting the bike to the car.  But as the SSRC mission statement goes - no man is left behind...unless you are Matt B.

Shav looking resplendid after his new sponsorship deal and making it tothe start a little late.

It was also noted Shav had swapped out his not so reliable groupset during the week...apparently his new sponsor has yet to find out!

So we set off along the bike trail towards Willunga.  It was a good pace through the flat old rail corridor

A Muddy in his natural environment.

We arrived at Willunga to hear disaster had struck.  Continental had not been able to sway Sav with a lucrative enough deal and had supplied him some tainted goods.  Shavs tyre had blown out not 2km into the ride and it was yet another call to the sag wagon for our luckless comrade.

A quick stop at the beautiful Alma Hotel - shnitty night Tuesday - two for one.

Martin decided to take a nature break before the climb....we tried to tell him the main street trees weren't the best to use.

Then it was onward and upward to the 3km average 18% gradient of mighty Willy.

RD6 gave it his best shot to come in second.

And if there was ever proof that carbon works

My self portrait as I waited atop Willy for the rest to arrive.

Happy little Vegemites....although we seem to have lost a few on the way up.

We then headed along the range....a magic ride.  The only hindrance was some road debris and a heard of longhorn.

Steve pulling a Cat 6 in the sunshine.

Then it was the decent.  The twisting downward spiral of Wickhams

Steve using a Jedi mind trick to ensure he captured Strava glory on the way down.

It looked much better with riders on it....

The paceline forms in attempt to pull in P Crick who had just passed.

Scott who did a great job as TEC on a morning that used all his skills.

Then it was time to hit the coffee...some were to hit it bigger than others....

The return to Koffee and Snaks was well received as the service by all accounts trumps that other place with the fancy name.

In a show of manlyness there was much comparing of garmin gizmo holders

Then Mr E arrived with his coffee and made us all feel rather inadequate....

All in all a great morning out with some new faces and great weather.

# of riders at the start - 20

By the end ....about 16

Tyre blow outs - 2

Magpie hits - 1

Grin factor 9.9/10 (as my solar panels are putting themselves to use again)



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Yep a supersix 3.  Nice improvement in ride feel.  I need to fiddle with the stem, and the only other complaint is the bike shop said carbon cranks would make me go faster up hill!!

Nice one Matt. Unfortunately I was told a very similar thing about carbon making me go faster up hills..... Think the only thing that would make me faster is an engine!

Nice bike Matt!!

Cheers Richard.  New stem test tonight then I should be set!

Nope, RD was definitely on a Giant! Not sure who the other person on a Focus was, Bozza maybe!

I reckon it was Boz on the other Focus. 

I have blogged about his ride after steeling a couple of photo's from Matt and Michelle. If your interested you an read about it at


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