Normal service was resumed this morning, and back to a route that I know and love around the vineyards of McLaren Vale. This is the original L ride route. We were joined this morning by riders from ye olde days, Andrew Watts and Roger, I have it on good authority that Roger was riding these routes before my family and I even arrived in the country and was one of the first members of AC.

Unlike Mr O'Kane, I did remember to take some pictures today, although I do suffer from the same affliction when I'm having fun and then get to the end of the ride and realise I haven't taken any. The L ride does offer plenty of opportunities to take photos, as it is a sedate pace with plenty of regroups, although I don't seem to have any pictures of Mr Watts (sorry Andrew!).

Roger and the only sensible picture I have of RD6

Our route takes us south of Port Noarlunga down the Moana Esplanade and then inland towards Seaford. You can pick up the bike trail if you don't mind going up the road the wrong way for about 10m, OK if it's quiet like it was this morning, but otherwise give it a miss and go down Grand Boulevard instead until the rail extension works have finished (whenever that might be - I'll have probably retired by then).

Heating up and stripping off, and this is just 5k in

California in the distance

With RD6's return to Saturday morning riding we were all wondering about his dog on California Road, and sure enough it duly appeared out of the same farm (it may have been the one next door and I think the dog was a bit smaller and possibly a different colour and/or bred). Either way there's something about him that attracts dogs - it's been quiet for the last 3 months!

Another new addition to California Rd was the creation of a new Strava segment up past Tatachilla School, this one actually ends where you think it would end, at the top of the hill rather than a further 200m down the road like the other segment on that stretch. I did briefly have KOM until Strava started trawling back through historical data and now the omni-present Mr Wilson sits a few seconds in front on me :-(

It was at about this stage that we lost Mr Watts, his leave pass had expired and family duties were calling.

Ellison Junior fresh from mountain training on Menglers Hill and Mr Murphy

RD6's bike is so heavy, it takes two grown men to hold it upright

If you ride with the SSRC, expect lots of this

Hang on a minute, what's happened to Wattsy?

Once we rode across to the bike trail between Willunga and McLaren Vale, we gained an extra rider in the form of Steve Bentley. He must have still been on Melbourne time and missed the start of the ride and spent the next 20k catching us up.

Our male bike model returns from Melbourne

Just before the CX race

Back in McLaren Vale, we made a quick stop at the rotary park before heading back along the bike path CX track that has appeared between the park and the Victor Harbour Road. Greg did actually pick his bike up for the loose dirt and grass section. Take it easy around there, it really is only one way at the moment so you will have to wait for other bikes to pass before you can get through.

This was not my idea!

The Moana Esplanade led to the creation of the cake train, quite a common phenomenon on L rides heading back towards Becks and the allure of fresh cake and coffee. I've every confidence that, if properly motivated with cake/coffee, these guys could clean up at the Southern Vets races every weekend.L rides can make your hair stand on end


Total distance: 40.5km

Metres climbed: 325m

Average speed: 23.2kmh

Pun***re Fairy visits: 0

Grin factor: 9/10

SSRC rides run every fortnight, with L and P ride routes. Keep an eye on the SSRC Group for the next event


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Great stuff Mr C :-)

I'm sorta glad that there are no photos of me on this ride. I was cooked after 28km! Soooo unfit! Will try to get a few sneaky solo sessions in after exams are done this week. Thanks for putting the ride up Phil. Needed it!

Damn dogs were barking mad at my presence, anyone having issues posting this via facebook

Im printing that panorama to mount in the lounge!

I can personally sign that for you :P

What with RD6 in it? He will want paying for his modelling work next lol

know any good agents Mrs Schleck

well I was going to photoshop him out....and those crooked roadside markers....must talk to council about that...

Does hanging on to the 'Cake Train' qualify you for the P rides? Or the TdF?


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