What a great morning for a group ride after a cool change swept the state clearing us from the 45C heat wave from last week!

Nine riders fronted up for the L ride today with the temp just over 20C and a Southeasterly blowing at us. All seemed keen to have a pleasant ride through the wonderful scenery of Route 1 for the L ride. Welcome to the riders, new to group riding, Greg, Wendy and Hannah. We picked up an extra rider on route, Eric, who was visiting Adelaide for the TDU, welcome Eric.

From Left to right

Matt RichardsJohn ThorpJolie BartonLynn EllisonGreg McConnell, Gregs Wife and daughter, Wendy & Hannah and Martin Weidenbach with my shadow (Steven Ellisonat the bottom.

From left to right Greg, Hannah, Eric and Wendy.

Michelle turned up to wish us well on our ride before taking care of a family medical emergency.

Basic Instructions

Martin was gracious enough to accept the position of ride lead while I took the TEC position to make sure all was well from the back. I gave basic instruction on group riding commands and asked that everyone mix who they ride with to find out more about each other. We were soon on our way just after the designated start time.

Nice Steady Pace

Martin provided a nice steady pace from the beginning allowing all the riders to keep bunched up. As instructed everyone kept single file until we reached Weatherald Tce.  It was good to see everyone shuffle into single file when  the call of "car back" passed forward! We didn't stop at the top of the little climb as everyone was still bunched well.

It was good to see the group behave well as we progressed along the esplanade towards Moana. Our first regroup was just before we crossed Commercial road to head over to the bike track. The ride was going smoothly.  With only a slight headwind the going was not so tough.

It was quite obvious that Greg and Wendy are seasoned riders showing a steady and confident riding style. Hannah, who I believe is relatively new to riding was showing a strong, steady and confident style to her riding too!

Martin was still keeping a nice steady pace, just right for the group. Just after passing Peddlers creek a rider caught up to us. Quit happy to ride behind us I invited him to join in. Eric, as I found out his name was, is visiting from Perth for the TDU. He was happy with our pace and decided he would like the company of riding with us.

California Road

 We had another regroup on Martin's road, the one that leads us to California road. A little re-hydration and we were soon on our way again. It was good to see everyone mixing it up as we went along providing some good conversation along the way.

Maybe we were socializing just a little too much because as we entered the Strava segment "California Road Descent" Wendy did not notice the pothole  and plowed across it causing her to puncture her front wheel! Greg came to the rescue to repair it while we all followed his excellent demonstration on how to change a tube!

What a gentleman Greg! Personally I think Flatbar riders should change their own tubes LOL Your so lucky Wendy!

We were soon on our way again and heading onto Malpass road, where we ran int Andrew Watts. We were to catch up with Andrew again at the end of the ride. We headed over to the bike track to lead us back to McLaren Vale. A short water stop at McMertre and we were soon on the way again.

All Was Going Well Until!

We had a toilet stop at the park in McLaren Vale and had negotiated Peddlers Rise with a reasonable pace until we crossed Endeavor Drive where Martin's back tyre popped! We all took a 20 min break while the cause was investigated and in fact was not found. Martin replaced the tube hoping the cause was not still there!

All seemed ok so off we went again. As Martin and I were about to cross Commercial road, at the back of the group, his back tyre blew again! We told the group to go ahead without us as they were happy to do so. Martin and I investigated the problem again and could only conclude that this time he had accidentally pinched the tube installing it. I gave him one of my spares, almost disappointed not to use my spare tyre I carry, and proceeded to chase the group that I think had already reached Becks by this point.

The tailwind along the esplanade was  welcome addition to assist in a brisk ride back to Beck's.

Stats (Taken from John Thorp's data):

  • Distance: 40.2 km's
  • Average speed: 20.6 kph
  • P&*^**%r Fairy Visits: 3
  • Average temp: 24C
  • South Easterly wind
  • Enjoyment: 4 out of 5

I had a great time and I hope all others did too!

Andrew is riding a new steed, a 22 speed Specialized giving him a nice smooth ride!

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No stress here, I was well prepared ;-)

Looks like a good ride to miss with my p$&@ture fairy history

No, you have it wrong, it was your chance to watch others in pain for a change and you missed it ! LOL

Saw Steve riding pass the wooden playground Port Noarlunga,  not far where unknown cyclist was pulled over by the cops sans helmet

That was me Rob!! Or at least I saw the cops pull away!

Yep, Martin was close behind me Rob. They were giving him a good talking too when I went past, everyone else were already at Beck's enjoying coffee or at least drinks! You enjoy your Outer harbour ride?

Missed the redliners by a few mins, due to finding a car park ( Big Red Ride ) so I latched on to few guys for a ride OH return - good spin on the legs / get the HR up

Great ride and enjoyed a lot.  I got some good PR's on the way to the ride, must begetting fitter.  Also some more PR's with Jolie and I riding the cake train for the sprint home along the espy.  Hope to see a few on the Bupa tour on Friday.

Glad you enjoyed it Matt :-)

SSRC ride is on my list this yr


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