I'm not even going to attempt to describe the route today in anything other than the most obscure terms. As most you know, I am directionally challenged, so following me around on a bike is at best going to get you lost or partaking in a ride that was considerably longer than first anticipated.

Thanks to Matt Jones for coming up with today's L and P ride routes and leading the L ride and thanks to the locals who led most of the P ride, a jolly jaunt starting at Crafers and heading through Uraidla, Balhannah, bits of Hahndorf, Aldgate Valley Road and back to Crafers. Here's the Strava route for the P ride, the L ride was in a similar area but about 10km shorter.

Thanks to Matt K and Ellison Junior for being TEC and sweeping up as many strays as they could, you're help is much appreciated in running these rides.

Cold early start at Crafers - my fridge was warmer than Crafers this morning!

Ellison Junior at  Balhannah Uraidla

Two grumpy old men

In the absence of Mr Bentley, Graham had to step in as our male model

This is Rob Wood, blink and you'll miss him - he's quick

SSRC stalwart David

RD6 replacement - no I don't know his name, but he was very useful at finding the way


Greg and David

Colin sucking eggs

The smoothest tarmac in Adelaide

Sam leading the L ride near the end

Mr Bird dressed for an Antarctic expedition

Matt K having just pulled the biggest wheely ever

Most of us back at the deli in Crafers.

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Thank you for organising the ride Matt and Phil. 
It was every bit as glorious as everyone said it would be, and AVR must be one of the prettiest roads in Adelaide.  Hope we do this ride again later this summer as it would be 10 degrees cooler than the plains on those hot mornings (I'm guessing based on what Matt J said). 
I thought the "undulations" were about right on the L ride - our first timer, Sam, managed them all which is a good indicator.  Makes a good addition to the L routes. :)

+1 Sam did amazing. She thoroughly enjoyed herself. So did I. Definitely a ride id love to do again in the summer. thanks again to both Matts for lead and tec. Best L ride yet.

couldnt agree more Sam did a great job - was a great ride with a really good group.

Thanks for organising this guys. Had a great time, and look forward to the next ride.

wheelie photos?

yeah Phil thought it would be a good idea as I rode past him into Crafers..... good fun too

Thank you so much for such a great time, that was my first ride and it was amazin, I am still buzzin from it, you were all so good to me and fun to be with. Thanks for the cake Quenton!
You surprised us all Sam. Now you need to move over here to really enjoy the AC experience. No pressure of course. :-D

Sam I'm a Bournemouth Boy - Up the Cherries I assume you are on hollies so hope you have a great time.


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