I have enjoyed my 2nd Spin Class tonight. Last week i rode to the class, Though not far i felt last weeks class was a lot harder than tonights. 

I know ppls out there have Suferfest and a few others. Has any one got any beginners DVD or Files i can borrow or buy? I'd like to get on the trainer a few more times a week when its wet and impossible to get out.

Also has any one seen an Iphone app Spin Mentor. I down loaded this last night but havent played with it yet. Looks good but will need good songs to keep motivated.

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I haven't seen any beginner DVDs but you should still be fine to use something like the Sufferfest mp4s as a beginner.

They work on a perceived exercion rating so you will quickliy discover what 9/10 feels like for you and so what trainer resitance or gear you should be in.

As you get stronger and fitter you will find that you can up the resistance on the trainer, pop it up a gear or increase your RPM by 5.  All at no extra cost.



Android ppls, in have found an APP for Spin Class

From twelvegauge  is Indoor cycling. yet to use it but looks okay, not many levels but for free its what u get.



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