Ok this has been the second time I have had the wobbles while descending it is bloody scary to say the least, life and death would not be an understatement.

What am I doing wrong and what actions have you undertaken to stop this while your bike literally wants to throw you off. 

The video shows how severe the wobbles were at 2.44sec doing 60-65kmh have done 85kmh no problem so why now?

I have an Avanti corsa SL, lovely bike but would agree with a review I read about them, great bike but they don't like rough surfaces. On a smooth surface predictable and fast otherwise ?

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Thanks Richard for the hints. I do feel more comfortable on the drops while descending especially while other riders are about so I can apply more pressure to the brakes when needed.Maybe I was a bit nervous just before the wobbles kicked in, was enjoying the descent but was aware of the other riders ahead of me and did not want to catch up to them again as I was braking earlier on when I had caught up to them. Still think it may be something to do with the positioning of the bars? time will tell.

Highly recommend watching this clip on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvsDIq3WwVA

Although it's specific to motorcycling, it's highly informative and has a lot of interesting points that apply to bicycles as well.


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