This is the winter weather I love. 

Today I rode a route I don't often take and discovered Leslie Creek Rd to Mylor. Do all the great roads lead to Mylor.

5 degrees when I left home, avg 8 or something for the ride. Love it.

Here is some coffee and cake I had at Harvest Cafe.

Where did you ride to?

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Yup, and loving it. So many excellent roads, you could almost never have to ride the same route twice. Almost no traffic, especially at siesta time, pretty good road surfaces, nice wide and clean shoulders on bigger roads, lots of lovely forest, rivers, bridges and small villages. Its not the Pyrenees or the Alps, but its a fantastic place to ride a bike. Its not for people who like flat rides though and you have to be ready to get wet - Galica must have more rain-days that pretty much anywhere else in mainland Europe!

Finished work at 7am after lots of UHF radio fun @-|

Think it was something about 6degC - dropped a roadie up The Parade on my MtBike (knobblies) and nearly caught the other roadie as we left hand turned on the Penfold Rd - cat6 all the way!!

Did anyone get lost in the fog this morning? I rode to work on the motorbike and all the way up port rd from the coast was a thick fog that disappeared at the top of port rd, then it rolled over the rest of the city throughout the morning.  Was it foggy in the hills this morning?

I was outside and the fog rolled in about 9:30 at Glandore it was strange and eerie

Haha, just for once it stayed sunny ALL DAY at Crafers, 'twas a gorgeous swap! When I heard about it on the radio noos I toddled up the drive and instead of Adelaide I saw this fluffy white blanket with a few tatty streamers sticking out of it. Different.

Just got back this morning from a week in Darwin. I was still in my shorts & T-shirt when I stepped out of the terminus to a 5 degree morning. A bit of a shock after not having anything under 20 degrees up there.

riding out to Lyall Mac hospital at 5 this morn so crisp but actually clear,got really cold at Parafield [if possible].The fog and mist sat at a level that the reflection from street lighting gave you a close encounters effect

Another cracker this morning. It was actually colder in Adelaide than in the hills when I left home (v early), and riding up Glen Osmond Rd it was clearly warmer than down in the flat lands. No wind, crisp air, dry roads, and more importantly, good coffee at the end - love it!


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