This is the winter weather I love. 

Today I rode a route I don't often take and discovered Leslie Creek Rd to Mylor. Do all the great roads lead to Mylor.

5 degrees when I left home, avg 8 or something for the ride. Love it.

Here is some coffee and cake I had at Harvest Cafe.

Where did you ride to?

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Better luck next time.... with the coffee.

That's the spirit. Chin up.

I'm into winter, Porter and dark ales at the moment. I'm sure it improves cycling.
Gorge road. At 0830 it was 4.5 degrees. But it looked like a perfect day for riding or just being outside.
Quiet cruise to Norton, Lofty, Monty for me.
Willunga hill loop via Mclaren vale...left at cold down through Clarendon....great morning for it though...

Rode in my C grade race with AHVCC.  Mt Torrens, Burford hill loop, came in first but got disqualified. 

Note to self- Don't celebrate pro style with hands in the air at the end of the race.


Really? What's the rule?

Both hands on the bars across the line.

No I did, that It was before the line

Yes basically both hands in the air is not allowed.

From the race rules.

b) Dangerous riding, including the practice of saluting by removing one or both hands off the bars at a

finish, will not be tolerated and the referee shall discipline any rider whom he/she deems to be guilty of

this practice, or any other act that endangers other riders or road users.

So my double fisted bar smash of disappointment wouldn't be tolerated either. So I'd be a loser and disqualified.

Well done Michael! But gee, they are a bit tough that mob! They could have just given you a warning for next time LOL.


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