Special offer: the Adelaide climbs t-shirt from A'qto with free cycling cap

A'qto cycling apparel have produced a high quality t-shirt for the cyclists of Adelaide, especially grimpeurs.

A'qto make wonderful t-shirts, soft cotton, relaxed fit with nice touches like the world champ colours sewn into a label on the side seam.

As a special offer for Adelaide Cyclists A'qto are offering a free cycling cap with purchases. At the final stage of checkout there is a question that says 'ou need to choose Adelaide Cyclist from the drop down list. (This is not a voucher code etc)

Click here to buy one now (you can always stash it away for Christmas).

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Outer Harbor is the correct spelling. Same spelling for other South Australian harbors. Like the Labor Party in Australia, is not the Labour Party. 

Harbor opened in 1908. Department of Marine and Harbors advised that the Harbors Act of 1913 changed the spelling of harbor from "harbour" to "harbor".

Source : Place Names Online then select Other Details 

The climb at Outer Harbor is my sort of climb, almost KOM contention in our group.

AFAIK, the only "official" Harbour in SA is the Victor Harbour Railway Station.  (Obviously, SAR were neither responsive nor responsible to the harbors people.)  Standard English spelling is "harbour".

David, trust you to know the place name quirks.

Derived from the French spelling in any case!

and I think it is Checker Hill...but I have also heard it called many other names, may have used some of them myself over the years!

The tees and caps have started arriving. Really excellent quality as usual from A'qto.

If you order and note you heard it from Adelaide Cyclists on the final checkout page you get a cap for nothin.

Actually I'm pretty certain that it is indeed Harbor: "It was opened as Outer Harbour in 1908 and in 1913, the Harbors Act changed it to Outer Harbor" (Manning, Geoffrey, The Place Names of Our Land, 2009, p624)

Not that it really matters.

Well if you wear it interstate you won't need to explain the spelling. That's a win.

If it is celebrating local climbs, then O.H. (however you spell it) is certainly the odd one out on the list.

I added climbs to the title. It's like saying, 'Sex.... now I've got your attention'.

or you could've said MHL!

I am actually spewing about this deal...ordered the tee before I saw the special offer for AC members.  No one up here (Bris) will know what it is all about but that will make it cooler and I have actually done all those climbs even the Alp de Outer Harbour!

Outer Harbor is one climb that I can beat you on. Leave it there.



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