So, whats the go with wearing jerseys such as world champ, Aussie champ, Tdf yellow and King of the Mountains etc. I always thought you needed to earn the right to wear some gear.
I guess the same could be said for team kit although that doesnt assume individual hard work, effort and achievment etc.
Funny story, a mate of mine was following some "tosser" up Greenhill road a few years ago in the World Champs kit, was going to say something tongue in cheek to him when he caught up, turned out it was actually Cadel

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Yep, I reckon you need to have won it to wear it.

Had similar situation as well, driving past some one in a Aussie Jersey, I made some disparaging comment to my wife about needing to earn it and then as we pass it is Chris Jongeward in one of his MTB jerseys.

Congratulations to your mate for catching Cadel!

Glad he didn't call him a tosser ;-) Cadel has earned it in spades, on the bike and off.

Didn't win it, don't wear it. My 2cents.

> Didn't win it, don't wear it.

Blimey! I can't ride naked!!

Can't bring myself to abbreviate laugh out loud.

Wait.., no,...LOL!

Perhaps I should have said earn, meaning, buy.

ha ha ha

I agree, you need to earn it to wear it!  Would have been awesome meeting Cadel on the road! 

i have over 35 jerseys but none are champion jerseys of any kind,its abit like getting the grand slam jersey AFTER the event but never riding in any of them,if i am wearing it then i rode it.

Am I allowed to wear my VeloAdelaide top even though I couldn't make the ride?

Ride the same route next weekend for free and we might let you wear that jersey ;)

I don't think the B-doubles will stop for me on the first part of the ride :(

Ride faster!

Agreed - if you didn't earn it don't wear it. But I have a problem - my sister bought me an Aussie champs jersey for christmas (I didn't ask her to). I only wear it at night, if you see me please don't call me a tosser, seems a shame not to use a Santini jersey!


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